Chapter 10

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Dazai P.O.V:

The next day I walked with Chuuya at school, as usual. Atsushi started to talk to me again, apologizing for ignoring me yesterday. Everything was ok and it felt like all the problems are gone. Now it was my turn to make Chuuya head over heels for me again.

We said goodbye to Atsushi and we went to our class. The bully we killed wasn't there anymore, in front of Chuuya's seat. He wasn't gonna be disturbed again. He could finally be happy at school. When we entered in class we took our seats waiting for the teacher to arrive. The teacher came in with another student. A girl to be exact. She was, indeed, pretty.

Her skin was white, smooth, clear skin. Her nose was high bridged and her face was small and slim. She was slim, thin and petite. Even shorter than Chuuya with about 10 centimeters. The girl had big eyes and curly eyelashes. She had long light brown hair, that was dyed with some blonde stripes. Despite her height, she had rather long legs. Her voice was loud and clear. It was a very beautiful voice, just like a goddess's one.

-Hello everyone. It's so nice to meet you. My name is Meiwakuna Meinu. You can all call me Meinu. I love being called like that. I come from a foreign country. Of course, I'm Japanese but I've lived there for a while, until I moved here, to Japan. I hope we will be good friends!

-Thank you, Meinu-Chan, you can take the free seat in front of Nakahara-san. We hope you will have a nice staying here. Now, back to the lesson class!

The teacher continued his lesson. But I could not leave my eyes off the new girl. She was sitting in front of Chuuya. Even though she was sweet in front of the class, you can never know how rude she actually is, and how she will bully Chuuya. I am so tired of this! I don't want to kill her! It would give me more work to do. But for a week or two I'll just leave it be. I'll follow her to see how she is around Chuuya. But she's so dead if she does anything to him that could make him hate himself again.


The classes have ended and the first thing Meinu did was to turn to Chuuya. As I could see from my seat, she presented herself once again. She was blushing as Chuuya talked. I went closer to them, my foal being to take Chuuya away. I heard him saying to her that he didn't knew there were persons shorter than him.

-Hey, Chuuya, how are you doing~? I faked a smile and wrapped my left hand around Chuuya's neck, like friends do.

-Dazai! Glad to see you! I was actually telling Meinu-san that she is even shorter than me.

-Chuuya~~~ you're hurting her feelings! Do you think a lady wants to hear how short she is?! I faked hoping Meinu to leave, but she didn't.

-Ah no, it's alright. I don't mind to be that short. I find it interesting in a way or another. But I didn't knew there were guys like Chuuya-kun out here! She said smiling. Chuuya-kun? Excuse me who the hell do you think you are addressing to Chuuya. To my Chuuya like that. I would punch her in the guts if she wasn't a girl. A short and small one, to be exact.

-So, Meinu-san, are your blonde stripes natural or dyed? Oh, come keep. Chuuya, it's so clear they are fake. Just like her.

-They are natural~ My father is a German man. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Unfortunately, I look more like my mother, but I don't mind. I think she is beautiful as she is.

-How cute Meinu-san~ Chuuya said admiring the girls hair and lie. She should go to a lying school where to learn how to lie good.

-If you are done chatting, Chuuya, let's go eating lunch! I said grabbing Chuuya's arm. Before we left, the girl stopped us, telling that she will join as well.

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