Chapter 4

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Chuuya P.O.V:

I woke up earlier in the morning so I could get ready for meeting with Dazai. I ate breakfast and I chose my clothes in which I'll go out with him. I was on the couch eating my cereals and watching kids TV shows when I suddenly received a message from Dazai. I took my phone to read it:

To: Chuuya
From: Dazai
Text: Morning! ♡ I hope you're up because I'm at the front door. Waiting for you to open the door~

... What? I was so freaking confused like, what was I supposed to do?! Surprisingly I got up very calm with my cereal bowl still in my hands and I went to the door to open it for the idiot. I was about to drop the bowl when I saw that he really was at the door's entrance and he didn't made a joke.

-Why did it took you forever~? He said as he entered the house, even though I didn't said anything. Ah~ your house is so nice Chuuya~ He was absolutely surprised and amazed by my house and after he took a closer look he sat on the couch.

I sat near him and continued my bowl of cereals. I was a bit confused but I kept my calm not wanting to destroy my day.

-Weren't we supposed to meet at the park at 2 pm.? It's 8 am.

-We were. But I just wanted to see you~ you look so cute in you pajamas and with your hair messy~

I blushed a little as I realized I was still in my pajamas and I looked like I just came out from a storm. But I just took a big bite of my cereals and looked away so he won't see me. We watched kids TV shows and he asked for to cuddle on the couch and I accepted. It felt so good to stay almost two hours on him while watching those. It felt amazing as he was playing in my messy hair and I almost fell asleep. But then he needed to go to the bathroom and the whole moment was destroyed. I sighed in frustration as he made his way to the bathroom. I really wanted to stay more like this. After he came back I hoped he will ask again, but he didn't. Instead he put his hand over my shoulder so I didn't said anything and I put my head on his chest. We also stayed about an hour like this but he suddenly spoke out to tell me to go change myself in my clothes so we could make out way to the park. I just nodded and went upstairs to change myself.


After we left the house we finally reached the park. He went to buy me a bottle of juice and he then asked me where I want to go.

-I really have no idea... Do you have anything in mind?

-Hmm... What about we go to that new amusement park they just opened?

We both agreed that that was the best option and we made our way to the amusement park which was a few streets away from us.


When we arrived there I was amazed by the view in front of me. A lot of people and so many things to visit! I kinda got excited to go there and of course Dazai noticed that. He chuckled and took my hand in his so he won't lose me in the crowd of people. We went and had a lot of fun until we took a little break from all the fun. He left me on a bench while he went to the bathroom.

I was sitting on the bench he left me on. Nobody was around. It was a quiet place with no people. I heard some noises behind me and when I turned around I turned white. The bullies from the school were right there. And I was right here, alone. Dazai was too far away to hear me screaming so the first thing that came to my mind was to start running towards him. But a bully caught mear before I even got up from the bench. He covered my mouth and licked my ear lobe. I started to feel disgusting and dirty because of that.

-On a date, Chuuya-kun? One of them asked while the others laughed.

-Date? I was sure he sucked Dazai's dick everywhere. Another one said and again, they laughed.

-Curiosity hit me... What is Dazai enjoying so much at you? He could throw you at any moment. So why he didn't? Oh, is Chuuya that good in bed? Why don't we see ourselves? The one who was holding me said as he and the others were smirking.

Was I gonna be raped? Where is Dazai? But I didn't even had the opportunity to even fight with them as they immediately took off my clothes and they all started to lick my body. I didn't like it. I felt tears down my face as one of them took my boxers off and he entered me. I wanted to scream but they were holding hands on my mouth. But I started crying as he started to move. I felt so dirty and disgusted of myself when he ejaculated inside of me.

-Ah, I see now. I could fuck you for hours, damn! The guy who just raped me said as another one came to enter in me.

I've had enough of this. I didn't want it anymore. It hurt. It hurt so bad and I didn't felt any pleasure. But even if it was my first I could tell that these couldn't do it as they should. It was just like a 10 year old trying to do it. I bit they're hands so they got their hands back and I turned to them:

-You suck at it. At least do it with talent. I spit at them as I smirked. Only to be slapped by one of them. I fell on the ground as they did and they started to hit and punch me. All I could remember is that I was bleeding. But after that everything became black...


Dazai P.O.V:

I was near Chuuya who was laying on his bed. I had just finished to cure his bruises and wounds. Of course, I had some too, but I didn't care. I left him alone and I wend downstairs to his kitchen and made a soup that will help him to feel a lot better when he wakes up. Of course, I was way to angry and I almost punched all the walls because of my anger.

It was a hit hard to get back to Chuuya since one of the bullies talked to me about Chuuya just so I won't go earlier to him. But I unfortunately realized what they were doing after. I ran up to the place where I let Chuuya only to find a naked and raped Chuuya, of course now bloody because they were beating him. I ran to them and punched everyone of them so Chuuya was laying unconscious on the bench. I almost killed on of those shitty bullies because of my anger. But I wanted Chuuya to be safe and after I covered him up, I took him and went back to his house. I placed him on his bed and I took all the medicine and materials needed to cure him.

After I've finished the soup I put some in a bowl and went upstairs and found out that Chuuya has just woke up. I went to him and after I placed the bowl on the nightstand, I looked at him and I touched his tiny hand.

-I am so sorry, Chuuya.

-I-it's OK... What about you?

-I'll be fine. How do you feel?

-I think I'm ok... I don't feel any pain at the moment. Though I'm hungry.

-I thought so. I said smiling and I gave him the bowl. He ate it while I looked at him. He clearly wasn't ok. And I wanted him to. After he finished eating I went downstairs to wash the dishes and got back to him as fast as I could. When I reached his room I laid near him. I looked in his eyes. They were so empty. I didn't know what to do. I just kissed him and then turned off the lights. I hugged him and I played with his ginger hair so he would fall asleep easily. He fell asleep very fast and after he did so did I.



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