Chapter 12

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Dazai P.O.V:

The sound of a new message was the thing that woke me up the next morning. I was surprised to see that it was Chuuya who texted me, considering that he never really texts me and the previous texts were just mine. He was asking me to go to his home because he wanted to tell me something very important. Hm~? Maybe he's confessing to me~? Haha, in my dreams. He is too shy to do that.

30 minutes have passed and I was in front of his house. I had a smile on my face that the moment I saw Meinu answering the door, it vanished. She had her usual smile on her face. The fake smile. I entered the house confused of why she was also here. I was hoping that Chuuya didn't had in mind to add her in our play for school. I don't want to see them kiss in front of me. I sat on the armchair while Chuuya and Meinu sat on the sofa. I looked at them confused, as I wanted answers.

-So, Dazai, I wanted to tell you something important. Actually, I and Meinu wanted. Chuuya started, grabbing Meinu's hand. Dazai, we are officially a couple.

No. Not this. Have I asked myself today what could possibly go wrong? This could. The heart ache wouldn't let me think about an answer. I was... Confused and angry at the same time. That bitch doesn't even know him and they are already together.

-I... um... Congratulations? I must admit I'm not good in relationships. I hope you'll have a beautiful relationship and I must go... I'm supposed to meet with Atsushi since he wants to return the book I borrowed him. See you soon!

I simply lied better than Meinu and left the house without letting them saying anything else. I hurried to school, waiting for Atsushi to come so I can actually ask him for an advice, anything that could help in this moment. When he finally showed up, the poor boy didn't even had time to think or say anything else, and I directly asked him my question.

-Well, Dazai-san... I think you should let them be. It's too... Late...

Even if it didn't helped, I still thanked him and went in the school's backyard to call someone. Fuck it, this bitch is gonna die. I don't care about it anymore. She is so fucking dead.


If I thought it wasn't worse enough, at school the bitch had the nerve to kiss Chuuya on his lips in front of me. On. His. Lips. His virgin lips. But did I care? No. It was the last time she would see the world. And the world would forget her. She doesn't have the right to live anymore anyways.


She fell right into my trap when she went to the bathroom in the middle of the class, so she could remake her foundation and make up. The person I called was waiting for her there. The guy was gonna kidnap her and in the evening she would be in my basement, the place she would finally die.

At the end of the school, Chuuya came to me and asked me to go with him home. Of course, as always I would gladly accept and went with him.

-Where do you think Meinu is, Chuuya?

-She's probably at her home. She told me she wasn't really feeling great since yesterday, even tho sometimes she couldn't feel the pain.

-Ah, I see...

-So, are you staying at my home? We could spend the time to repeat for the play.

-No, Chuuya. I think I will leave. I am a bit tired and I kinda need some more sleep. But I'll see you tomorrow, after all, we have plenty of time to repeat for the play!

I left a dissapointed Chuuya behind and went to a bitch. Haha, I remember she asked me what I could do to her. Little she did know that my father owns the Port Mafia. Haha, fool.

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