Chapter 8

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Chuuya P.O.V:

Warm red liquid dripped down my belly as the bully traced the blade from my stomach down to my belly. It hurt. It hurt a lot more because Dazai wasn't here to protect me. He wasn't here to teach those bullies a lesson. And I? I was weak. I couldn't even cry,  say something, or move. I heard voices laughing. They were so proud of their action.

-Should I write my initial letter on it? Don't worry, Chuuya~ it's gonna be permanent, and it's gonna hurt a lot...

No, no more this! I don't like it! And his initial on my torso? It felt disgusting. I wanted to stop. I started to move my legs and kick everything around me. I eventually kicked his place where the sun never shines, and he instantly moved his hand there, because of the pain. The rest of the bullies dropped me, being scared to not end up the same as him. I tried to run, but found a wall, ending up being surrounded by them. The one I just kicked got up, grabbing the blade and throwing it at me. I moved, so the blade didn't hit me, but it scratched my cheek, now blood dripping from the wound. They just left, without saying anything, just like I spoiled their fun.

I got up and slowly reached my home. I had bruises and wounds on my face and body. The cut from my torso hurt like hell. I needed to get home as soon as possible.

As I reached home I took the bandages and started to wrap the wounds, starting with the one on the torso. The pain was growing. I applied more bandages and pressure as the red liquid soaked the material. When I finished this one, I moved to the wound and cuts on my face. I cleaned them with some soap and warm water. After I was done, I went to change my clothes and I threw myself in the bed. I was too tired to care about anything else. I wanted to sleep forever.


Dazai P.O.V:

After school I asked Atsushi to wait for me at the school gate. The whole time I searched for Chuuya in the school. I checked every bathroom and corner of the school. But after some time I just assumed he was home already. I felt sorry for what I did. I wanted to tell him that here, but I obviously had to break into his house to tell him that.
I reached Atsushi that almost fell asleep on a bench in the school yard. He screamed as I scared him. He even jumped and fell off the bench. I laughed but he didn't. Not that he was mad, he had something on his mind. He was going to ask the question he had.

-Dazai-san... What are you and Nakahara-san?

-Why suddenly with that question?  I froze up. I didn't knew the answer as well.

-The first day I arrived here and met Nakahara-san, I thought that the two of you were a couple... But you have also ignored each other for some time. He always looks like he wants to talk to you but he can't... What's between you and him? Are you in a fight?

-I don't know... We were close but yes... We got into a fight...


-Becayse Chuuya is so stubborn and when I tried to be nice to him when he was sad he just pushed me away and told me to leave him alone so I left him alone as he wanted! I said with a pout at the end of remembering our dispute.

-So you're the one who's angry at Chuuya because you ignored him?

-Of course! I answered getting more angrier.

-Dazai-san... You are my friend but you are so stupid and I am so sorry for Chuuya-san to have fallen in love with you. You're awful if you are mad that he is feeling alone and wants your company.

And with that said he turned and went back to his way home.

-Wait why are you leaving without me Atsushi~?

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