Chapter 11

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Dazai P.O.V:

I waited for Chuuya the next morning.  It was past the time we should have meet and he still didn't showed up. Damn it, I don't want him to skip school. His studies are also important. I entered in his house using the key that I stole from him. But there was nobody in the house. It looked like he had left a while ago. I got out of the house making my way to school. That bitch changed him. Perhaps I'll need to have a talk with her. But I cannot promise that if she would defy my threats, then there won't be any way of getting rid of her, but to kill her. Or maybe sell her in another country.


As I was thinking of ways to get rid of the Meinu, I saw Chuuya at the school gate. I made my way to him, considering that ignoring him now would be futile. Meinu would be gone soon. Very soon. So there is not reason  of ignoring each other.

-Chuuya~ what are you doing here~

-I was waiting for someone...

-Aw, you shouldn't have-

-Not for you, idiot. I am waiting of Meinu-chan. She told me to be here earlier but she is late.

... She's dead today. That's it. I got enough of Chuuya ignoring me. It's time to get rid of her and back to normal.

-Hey, Chuuya... You know... I expect to spend more time together.

-Oh, shure, when Meinu gets here we will.

-No... Just us... Just the two of us, you know... Like a while ago...

-But we would marginalize Meinu...

-Ok, but she needs to get some girl friends... I feel like you give her way too much attention than you give me...

-Well, she needs to get accustomed to this place... Dazai... She's new. Even you had a lot of students around you back when you came here...

-Yes, but I didn't throw my boyfriend away...

-Lets get three things clear. One: we weren't together back then. Two: you threw me just a time ago. And three: we aren't together.

I didn't said anything and left. I didn't even look at him. Just went away from him. It was the best if I'd let him with his 'new friend that can't accustom and doesn't even try to'. I went into the classroom as there was nobody who I could stay with. The best thing was to wait for the bitch to come, take her to the roof top, and have a nice talk with her. But I knew she was up to something. She had something in that idiotic head of hers. She probably thinks she's much smarter if she lived in another country. Great, girl, you lived in a lie- sorry, another country. I was looking at the door this while time waiting for Chuuya. The bitch was right behind him, infecting his air. As soon as she saw me, she made Chuuya turning his back at the door and hugged him looking in my eyes. Straight into my eyes. They stayed like that for about 5 minutes that seemed years.


The second after the lunch break was announced, I went to Meinu's desk to ask her to come on the roof top to have a talk. She oddly accepted and we both went other roof top, without Chuuya. She sat on a bench and looked disgusted at me.

-What in the world do you want now?

-I'll just say it directly, without questions. Please remember, that I am not questioning you, it is a warning. I don't care what you are up to, but listen here, bitch, get the hell away from Chuuya.

-And like, what can you do to me? Oh please, go play Snow White in the garden. I am not going back. I will win his heart and body before you.

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