Chapter 1

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Chuuya P.O.V.:

It was another boring day at my highschool. Just as usual, classes and those bullies chasing after me and beating me 'til I started to beg them to stop and eventually ending up being their slave the whole day. Nothing unusual. It has been like this since I entered highschool. I am the weirdo in this highschool. Because of my appearance, some people thought I was a girl, not a boy. Not just because of my height but my a bit long ginger hair made them believe that. I was also bullied because I had no parents. I live on my own and my parents... God knows what happened to them. I've started to be used being told to kill myself or that I have no reason to be alive.

But a weird guy appeared at our highschool. His name was Dazai Osamu and he was a very smart guy who came here to finish his studies. He was the definition of perfection and in a week all the girls were in love with him and following him everywhere. Besides the fact that he was very smart, he also had a handsome face and he was very tall (at least for me). I didn't really got the chance to talk to him. The fact that I was the loner in the school and that one everybody hated made me to keep a distance from him.


After being beaten up by those bullies I went in the bathroom to clean myself. But I found out that there was another person with me in the bathroom. Not that I cared but it wasn't any person... It was Dazai Osamu. I wanted to get out from here. I didn't want him to see me beaten up like that. I didn't want another bully around me. I just turned around and tried to get out of the bathroom. Tried.  He took my hand turning me around before I even got the chance to open the bathroom door. He clearly looked worried because of all the blood that was coming out from my nose and my reddish and blueish bruises. These weren't the only facts that made him worried, there were a lot more signs of me being beaten up.

-What happened to you?! Are you okay? He asked me in a worried voice.

-Yes, I am. Now if you excuse me... I must--

-Who did this?

-None of your business...

I tried to avoid him as much as possible and to be rude to him. Maybe he would leave me alone but he didn't. He bought me to one of the nearest sinks and started to clean all the blood from my face.

-I'm sorry, but I don't know where to find some ice to heal your bruises...

-No... Leave it like that.

I couldn't look up. I was looking down to my shoes because of my embarrass.  I couldn't face someone like him.

-You often get bullied?

I froze at that question. I wanted to tell him but... I didn't knew anything about him so, I kept the cold personality.

-Do you care?

-Yes! I could help you! Or anyone could help you!

-There is a difference between me and you. You are the popular kid and I am the loner.

-You aren't gonna be so lonely from now on!  He said that with a big smile on his face. I'll be your friend!

Was this a joke?
He was joking, right?
While I was lost in my toughts he grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the bathroom. We still had our lunch break so he took me on one of the bench in the school yard. We sit on the bench as he started to ask me questions. He asked me about name, age, class and all these shits after he also said something about himself too. He also asked me about the bullies. I told him I was bullied for a year now so it was something normal now. He had such a sad look. It made me believe that he was really worried and he really cared. But I also wondered if he was acting and if would become the same as the bullies.
Speaking of them, they there are. They found me sitting near Dazai on that bench and how couldn't they come and start to make fun of me?

-Found another one to fuck with, Chuuya?

-I swear that he is going to be as lonely tomorrow. As usual, they all leave him the next day.

I wanted to run away and to just die. Why this? Being made a hoe in front of Dazai was the last thing I wanted.

-What's your problem?!  I heard Dazai star yelling as he stood up from the bench. He's not a hoe!

-He did it with everyone in this sch--

The bully didn't had the chance to finish because Dazai punched him in the face to shut up. He looked very scary as he changed from the nice person to such a scary one. The bullies ran away immediately. Dazai turned at me but I couldn't look at him. The 'hoe' thing made me want to run away from everyone. But he hugged me. He squeezed me so had that I almost lost my breath. I started crying on his shoulder as he hugged me.

-I just want to tell you that... The whole hoe thing isn't true... I didn't do it with anyone...

I hugged him tighter as I held my tears and to not start crying.

-I know... I believe you.

After I felt better I broke the hug we had. It felt like breaking in two as I did that. I wanted to hug him back. But I remembered the moment in which I was called gay for a month so I just made a distance between us.
The lunch break was done and we had to go to our classes. I waved at him as I went to my class. He asked me if I wanted to go out after school and I agreed.




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