Chapter 7

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Dazai P.O.V:

I began to feel worried about Chuuya. It was true that I told him to be alone and to leave me, but he didn't showed up at school the past few days. He didn't even gave me a call or message that he's sick. Well, not that he would actually; I'm sure he is more than angry at me. He hates me for throwing those words at him. And I hate myself too for it.
It had been 3 days since he hasn't showed up. I decided that it was time to visit him and to make sure he is ok. I'll also apologize for being so stupid and I'll eventually hope he would not be mad at me anymore. Or that I would be able to make him forgive me just a bit, so I can win his heart again.
The classes have ended and I burst out of the classroom and headed towards Chuuya's house. I wanted-no, I needed to see him. 3 days without him were hell. I finally reached his home and I knocked on the door. It wasn't enough. He didn't answer. And as I can hear from inside, he didn't even bothered to come to de door checking on who it is. I waited there for 10 minutes. But I got bored and sick waiting so I just tried to force the door. I called him as well, but nothing. I hoped I could enter on a window, and happily I've found one. I reached for it and entered his house. I went through it trying to find the ginger haired male I was looking for. I've entered the bathroom as well, to finally find him there and a smile appearing on my face as I see him. But he wasn't happy. He was on the bathroom floor with his face in his knees. He looked up at me and I could see those empty and red eyes. He also had dark circles under his eyes, a sign of him not sleeping. I sighed going to take him bridal style.

-No! Leave me alone!! I like being like that...

-Nonono Chuuya~~ I can't leave you alone~~

-I said let me go!

And there he started~ he started to fight with his small hands trying to slap me. I was trying not to laugh at his cuteness but then he kicked where  the sun never shines. I let him go only to get my hands to the place he just hit with his legs. He actually looked angry but he was cute. Those puffy cheeks and red eyes made him too adorable. Even though those empty eyes hurt my heart. I got near him and placed my hand on his cheek, rubbing it softly while smiling. He just slapped my hand. While he did it I could see some marks on his elbow as he raised his hand. His oversized T-shirt showed all of those wounds he probably made in the last three days. I grabbed his wrist and lifted it for taking a better look. He had some bruises under in his elbow area. Some of them were fresh and some of them three days old.

-Dazai, let go.

Chuuya demanded as he started to fight trying to free himself from my grip. But I wanted answers.

-Where did you got these from?

-Dazai, I said to let go.

-When, why and where did you got these from.

I stared to raise my voice as I ignored his commands. I wanted to know the reasons of his self harm. It hurt more knowing that it involved me. But at least I could stop him before he goes with the cuts on his wrists.

-Chuuya, I'll ask one more time. Why did you do that?

I was serious this time. And I didn't have any plans to leave his wrists as he told me. He glanced at me then used all his force and finally escaped from my grip. But he accidentally tripped and fell on his butt after he hit his head and back on the wall.

-Get the fuck out of here! I don't want to see you! I don't want to see you ever again you... You...

He couldn't even find a perfect word to describe me. I lost my patience and went out of his house, slamming the door as I left.

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