Chapter 6

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Chuuya P.O.V:

I woke up in the next morning only to let a load groan as I realized it was Monday, so school. But the thing that really bothered me was Dazai. He is just an idiot. I can still hear him saying 'not now... Tomorrow is Monday... '. Well yeah, like I do care about school. The most embarrassing part was that he saw me naked, but I didn't. I just sighed and got out of my bed since there was no Dazai in there and went down to eat something. I was surprised to see Dazai already finished the breakfast then turned to give me a smile.

-Good morning my dear~~

-Good morning... I didn't knew you were still here...

-Oh, not happy seeing me? Don't worry, I'll soon leave.

-N-no! I just thought that you've left to your own place, that's all...

-Ah, I see... But I still have to leave to get ready for school.

He then tried to fake a smile. And of course I saw that. He came closer and gave me a kiss on my lips then trapped me with those chestnut eyes as I blushed.

-I'll go home for now... But what about we meet at the school gate before classes?


He smiled and went to his house. I ate the breakfast he had done and went up to change myself for another depression day. I didn't even want to see those assholes but, Dazai was there so I didn't have had anything to be worried about. I just prepared myself and my school bag and went out of the house on my way to hell. I felt just like before. I felt like I had no friends again. I guess I need Dazai more than I actually think I do.

As I reached the school gate I sat on a bench and waited for him to come. Lots of students were walking in the school and they seemed that they would never end. It seemed like Dazai would never come. He did came and of course the first thing I did was to yell at him. Like, yes I know he lives far away from here, but I felt alone and empty without him. We both entered the school while we found a subject. His attention suddenly moved from me to a pale guy with white hair. He was taller than me, but not taller than Dazai. Dazai's eyes sparked  as he saw him and he went straight to the guy. I followed him to the white haired male.

-Atsushi-kun~ long time, no see. What are you doing here? I thought you remained to the old school.

-Well yes, but my plans changed a bit... But I am so glad to see you Dazai-san!

I watched them as they both laughed together happy of their meeting. After they said a few more words, while I was there and they probably didn't even noticed me, they started to walk away, of course without me. But soon Dazai remembered about my existence and turned back and called me to go with them. It just felt like I was his dog or something to follow him everywhere! I refused and went on the opposite side of their path while he didn't even looked back at me. Guess because he was too preoccupied with his friend. I sighed and went to my class. I quietly sat at my desk and tried to not make my presence evident. I sat there alone thinking about Dazai but he came in the class right before the teacher entered. He didn't even looked at me, but I just lied to myself saying that he was paying attention to the teacher. The classes had ended and it was lunch time. Even before I could get out of my desk Dazai was gone. I took my lunch and went to search for him only to find him with his friend eating and laughing together. Again, I sighed and went somewhere where I could be alone to eat. After eating I stayed in the place I ate until the lunch break was done. I just need some time to think about it. Did I do something wrong? This morning he was just right. He didn't seem to have anything or to be mad...
I went back to my class after a while, and saw Dazai there. He wasn't with his friend. He was by himself. As I entered the classroom his eyes sparkled and he smiled. He hurried to come to my direction.

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