Family Ties

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Chapter 6

Around five o'clock one morning, just as Natsuki was getting prepared to head to the bakery for her shift, there came a knock on the door.

Shit, they're going to wake up Yuri!

Natsuki rushed to answer it, being as quiet as possible in worry her lover would wake from the loud banging.

She opened the door and was greeted by a tall man in a long sleeved teal sweater, rubbing his arm anxiously.

"Oh! H-Hello!" he smiled softly, offering a timid wave.

"Um, hi?" Natsuki said, confused.

"Am I supposed to... Know you?" she asked slowly.

"Oh, uh, I kinda figured you wouldn't know of me." he laughed, "I'm Naruko."

"O...kay..?" Natsuki said with a pause.

"I'm your... Gosh why am I so nervous? I'm your half brother." Naruko smiled awkwardly.

"My what?!" Natsuki said louder than she meant, slapping a hand over her mouth afterward.

"I should probably explain... Is now a good time?" Naruko asked.

Natsuki raised an eyebrow as she examined the stranger claiming to be of flesh and blood.

They both shared a rather skinny build, same face shape, and seemingly their voices were similar in pitch, only his was a bit deeper due to him being male.

The only differences she could see right away were their height, hair, with hers a pastel pink and his a shade of maroon similar to her father's, and eyes, hers being pink and his a shade of gold.

"I um... Have to go to work soon... Could you maybe... Come back after my shift?" Natsuki asked cautiously.

"Sure! What time?" Naruko asked anxiously, grinning like he had won some prize.

"One thirty." Natsuki said.

"Done. I'll be here." Naruko grinned wider, nodding.

Natsuki nodded once and shut the door on him, letting out a breath as she finished getting ready.


Natsuki sat on her bike, taking a deep breath.

Is that guy serious? Is he really... My brother?

She shook her head, clearing her thoughts as she started and drove off.

By the time she made it home, Natsuki already saw an unfamiliar car parked near her house.

She opened the door slowly, seeing Yuri and the man chatting and drinking some tea.

"Natsuki!" Yuri grinned, noticing her wife's presence immediately.

Naruko stood, facing her as he gulped.

"Hey..." Natsuki replied to the violet haired woman, her eyes trained to the man who was just barely shorter than Yuri.

"So, um... I-I believe I owe you an explanation?" Naruko said, clearing his throat.

Natsuki nodded, taking a seat beside Yuri on the couch as he sat as well.

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