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Chapter 28

Natsuki slowly opened her eyes as she felt something soft being pressed to her head.

The nurse paused, noticing she was stirring.

"Ma'am, please stay still... I'm almost done bandaging your head..." he said softly.

"Mon... Monika... Nik! Where's Nik?! Is she alright?! Is my friend alright?!" Natsuki tried to move.

"Monika Park? She's not looking good... Needs a liver transplant and we can't find a match anywhere... Seems we're on short supply." He explained, finishing his bandaging job.

"Give her mine." Natsuki said, looking into his eyes.

"Hold on, it doesn't work like-" she cut him off.

"I'm a match. We have the same blood type. Give. Her. Mine." Natsuki commanded lowly.

The nurse scoffed, his eyes widening in disbelief.

"Dude, you were just in a wreck. Think this through before your concussioned mind makes an irreversible choice." He said.

"Livers grow back over time, don't worry about me." Natsuki kept the same look on her face.

He sighed and nodded.

"Let me call it in..." he said in defeat.

For Monika... You can do this for her... You owe her at least this much for everything...


Sayori sat against the wall outside if the room, sobbing wildly.

How dare they kick me out of my wife's surgery!!

"Yo, Yori! Out of the way! We gotta get this woman in there!" A nurse called as Sayori jumped to her feet.

"Natsuki?!" Sayori asked, her heart skipping a beat.

"Did somebody order a liver?" Natsuki smirked, giggling as she was loopy from the numbing drugs.

"Let me in." Sayori demanded as they stepped inside with her.

"I'm staying. No buts about it." She said sharply as the doctor sighed in annoyance.

"Thank you, Natsuki..." Sayori whispered, kissing her forehead as Natsuki just giggled and rested a hand on her cheek.

"Just don't kill me, hot shot." She grinned, making Sayori chuckle softly and nod.

"I'll try my best..." Sayori said softly.


Yuri made it into the hospital and slammed a hand on the front desk, gathering the woman's attention immediately.

"Where's my wife?!" Yuri demanded, startling the poor young woman.

"N-Name..?" She asked, intimidated by her tone.

"Natsuki Owens." Yuri said.

The woman hummed softly at the screen, biting her lip.

"Operating room six..." the woman said timidly.

Yuri stomped away and down the hall, masking her fear with anger with herself.

"Operating room six?!" Yuri asked in a booming voice as a group of med students pointed the right direction.

Yuri sped up her pace and watched outside the door.

"Ma'am, you can't go in there!" A man informed her.

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