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"Even If It Costs Me My Life..." [Natsuki X Yuri] by or1on1
"Even If It Costs Me My Life..." [ kasai
From enemies to helpless lovers... An abusive dad and a smoking addiction... Will Yuri be able to protect Natsuki with her life...?
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Why Won't You Hate Me? {MonikaxSayori-ddlc} by sipsbleach
Why Won't You Hate Me? { sipsbleach
The two stood there for a while. Staring at her was the girl Monika never thought she'd ever see again. The girl she once bullied and humiliated so many times during mid...
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Ask and Dare DDLC, Deltarune, and Undertale by dokideltatale
Ask and Dare DDLC, Deltarune, Heal
These are all my damn fandoms so take it OR SUFF-I mean uhhh.....READ ON! OR SUFF-.:.....seriously, just read on.
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Soon I'll Smile (Sayori x Monika) by ToKnowDaWae
Soon I'll Smile (Sayori x Monika)by Yesenia Nicole Marie Ervin
(Protag's name is Noah in this) For a brief month, Monika had a crush on Noah. She didn't see why, because he was a huge idiot. An intimate moment with Sayori changes Mo...
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Our Literature Lives [Natsuki x Yuri] by O-OhayouSayori
Our Literature Lives [Natsuki x ~ Sweetheart ~
Yuri had always had feelings for the short pink haired girl. Her eyes, her obsession with manga, her tsundere personality. You know who. Natsuki. Natsuki never really li...
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~DDLC Oneshots~ by JustAShipperO3O
~DDLC Oneshots~by SmolBeanSofa
I'm just testing my abilities. The Title image belongs to me, Of genderswapped Yuri, Don't steal it, Because I put time in it. If you don't like any of the below, don't...
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Sayori's book of announcements! ☆DDLC☆ by gaybon
Sayori's book of announcements! ☆ bon/lily
Hey there, [reader]! This book here is where I like to announce things, or give little stories of wha going on! I hope you enjoy reading them, ehehe~ (!!this story is of...
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Falling for You {A Natsuri Fanfic} by EnderReader__9000
Falling for You {A Natsuri Fanfic}by Alyssa CoolAsIce
A doki doki literature club fanfiction. This is an AU where protagonist doesn't exist. Monika also isn't aware, and there will be a small bit of sayorika. I might thro...
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DDLC, Deltarune, and Undertale Oneshots!! by dokideltatale
DDLC, Deltarune, and Undertale Heal
I'm bored so why the fuck not??
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doki doki lit club headcanons And Oneshots  by -rOseBloOd-
doki doki lit club headcanons -rOseBloOd-
a collection of my DDLC headcanons and oneshots
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Darling. by musicxllytxlented
#11 ~{Bakamatsu}~
Their scars will never heal. But they will do their best to hide them.
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Doki Doki Literature Club OneShots! by DaokoPotato
Doki Doki Literature Club OneShots!by DaokoPotato
Hello doki doki fans! Welcome to my one shot book thing. You may request if you would like ^^!
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