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Chapter 16

Sayori was practicing her breathing with Monika, going nice and slow.

Madelyn stood by the door patiently, watching the couple with concern.

"E... Explain..." Sayori rasped once she had calmed down enough.

Madelyn nodded, taking a deep breath.

"Well, it was around your junior year of high school... I was out on the streets very far from our house. This woman, my wife, found me... I broke down and told her everything. My addiction, my debt, you..." Madelyn paused, smiling softly at Sayori.

"She brought me to a rehabilitation center owned by a family friend... My husband. They helped me get better, Sayori... They fixed me... It took me three years before I finally became clean, no relapses... The three of us had formed such a bond, we got married... They even paid for my stay at the center! I tried to find you but you weren't home... The house was empty of any of your belongings..." Madelyn said sadly.

"I moved in with Monika." Sayori explained.

"I know... I didn't even know you got married! It took me so long to find you that I almost gave up... But I didn't! And here we are!" Madelyn rubbed her neck sheepishly.

Sayori sat silently, waiting to see if she had anything more to say.

"I know I was a terrible parent... I've realised my mistakes and I want to fix what I still can... Sayori Hikari Ea- Park... Can you ever, ever forgive me..?" Madelyn pleaded.

Sayori looked between Madelyn and Monika, knowing both women were awaiting an answer.

"Yes..." Sayori sighed.

Madelyn smiled broadly, relieved.

"But not because of your story... Because I need closure." Sayori corrected.

"Understood. Thank you." Madelyn nodded.

"Now, mother... Please get out of my house..." Sayori said softly.

Madelyn left without another word, closing the door behind her.

Sayori hugged Monika close, sighing into the crook of her neck.

"You okay..?" Monika asked, rubbing her back.

Sayori nodded, closing her eyes as she relaxed in Monika's embrace.

"Yeah... I'm okay..." Sayori smiled genuinely.


Yuri sat at the kitchen table, working on her latest horror novel, Ivory Blade.

(As far as I know this isn't a real book so don't @ me XD)

The phone suddenly rang, startling her from her trance.

"Hello?" Yuri asked, not recognising the number.

"Yuri..?" a familiar voice asked softly.

"Nimani..?" Yuri asked hopefully.

"Hi." Nimani said, sounding less nervous than she had originally answered.

"Hey, sweetheart! How are you." Yuri asked, smiling widely.

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