The Importance of Communication

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Chapter 18

Sayori woke much later than usual the next morning, finding it near impossible to move.

I need to get up... I have work today....

She tried with all her strength, but there was barely any in her.

"C'mon...." she said in a dry voice, squeezing her eyes shut as she managed to roll onto her side.

"A bit more..." Sayori encouraged herself, biting her lip as she rolled completely off the bed with a thud.

She grunted and managed to pull herself into a sitting position by grabbing the sheets for support, panting lightly once she was finally upright.

That simple action had seemed to take a lot out of her.

By the look of the clock, she was about half an hour late to her shift.

Sayori groaned at the realisation, covering her face with her hands as she tried to rub the sleep from them.

Suddenly her bedroom door opened to reveal Monika with wet hair tied in a messy bun.

"Sayo? I thought you had to work?" Monika asked curiously.

"Can't move..." Sayori said with a sigh, weakly turning her head to her wife.

Monika came over and helped Sayori stand, looking at her with concern and confusion.

"What's wrong, Pumpkin?" Monika asked gently, brushing some of Sayori's sweaty hair from her forehead.

"It hurts... To talk... And.... I'm numb... All over..." Sayori said drowsily.

"Baby, have you been taking your medicines?" Monika asked sternly, looking into Sayori's half lidded eyes.

Sayori hummed and looked away, blushing softly.

"Sayori... You know you have to take them every night..." Monika rubbed her back in soothing circles.

Sayori let out a soft whine, puffing her cheeks out in a pout.

"I'll be right back with them... Don't move." Monika kissed her cheek before standing to leave the room.

Sayori fell back onto the bed, her arms at her sides as she huffed.

Stupid pills... Stupid government for making pills necessary for me...

Monika came back a few minutes later with a small paper cup filled with seven tiny pills and a cup of coffee made just the way Sayori liked it.

Sayori smiled weakly as Monika helped her sit up, taking the pills quickly and washing them down with the coffee.

"I'll call the hospital to let them know you'll be late... But I need to head to work right after I make the kids breakfast..." Monika said softly, not wanting to leave her lover alone in this state.

Sayori reached up and cupped her cheek, rubbing it with her thumb.

"I'll be okay..." Sayori said softly, "Have a nice day..."

Monika sighed and smiled a bit, leaning in to kiss Sayori lovingly.

"Thank you... You too..." Monika whispered.

She helped Sayori sit so her back was against the headboard, leaving the coffee beside her on the nightstand.

"I love you!" Sayori said, smiling a bit wider.

"I love you, too." Monika beamed happily before leaving the room and shutting the door behind her.


Sayori finally managed to get out of bed about an hour after that, taking a quick, cold shower to wake herself up.

Now clean and fully awake, Sayori took her empty cup and skipped downstairs to the kitchen.

She paused as she noticed Summer standing in the entranceway.

"Summer? Why are you here? I thought school started already?" Sayori asked, setting the cup down as she stepped closer to the girl.

"Um.. My uh... My parents were fighting and I didn't wanna interrupt them to ask for a ride...." Summer said softly, glancing at the ground as she dug her shoe into the shag carpet.

Sayori came close and wrapped Summer in for a loose hug.

"Do they fight often?" Sayori asked slowly, rubbing Summer's back gently.

"No... Just every once in a while..." Summer said, hugging back.

Sayori hummed in understanding.

"That's okay... Parents do that..." Sayori said with a chuckle.

Summer giggled softly and nodded.

"Do you want a ride to school?" Sayori offered.

"Yes, please." Summer said with a grin.

"Have you had breakfast, babe?" Sayori asked, grabbing a light jacket from the front closet.

Summer shook her head and hummed.

Sayori smiled and ruffled her hair.

"Let's do that first, then. We're already late, right?" Sayori said with a laugh as she walked into the kitchen to prepare something.

Summer eagerly sat at the table, swinging her legs as she watched Sayori cook.

"Eat up, kiddo." Sayori smiled caringly, patting Summer on the back as the girl dove straight into her food.


"Hello?" Sayori asked through the phone.

"Hey, Sayo... I uh... Tried to call you last night but you didn't pick up." Natsuki started.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Was it important?" Sayori asked worriedly.

"Kinda.. But not in a bad way." Natsuki corrected.

"Oh! What is it?!" Sayori asked, excitement in her voice.

"Well... Yuri and I are... Um...." Natsuki trailed off.

"What? You're what?" Sayori asked impatiently.

"Thinking of having a baby!" Natsuki said quickly.

Sayori's end of the line was silent for a few seconds.

"Uh, Sayo-?" Natsuki asked.

"OH MY GOOOOOOOSH!" Sayori yelled loudly, most likely alerting the hospital staff.

Natsuki chuckled softly at her friend's antics.

Sayori said a quiet apology over the phone, most likely to her coworkers.

"That's amazing, Nat!!" Sayori squealed.

"Yeah... We have an appointment on Friday... No guarantees that either of us are compatible for it, though..." Natsuki said with a small smile.

"Well, I'm cheering for you guys. You got this!" Sayori said sweetly.

"Thanks, Sayo... You'll be the first to know how it goes. After us, of course." Natsuki said.

"I can't wait for the news. Love ya!" Sayori said.

"Love you, too. Bye!" Natsuki ended the call, sighing as she thought about the meeting with the doctor.

She just hoped it went well.

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