Future Mamas

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Chapter 20

Yuri was pacing around the house that Saturday afternoon, tugging and twirling strands of her hair anxiously.

Tomorrow... We'll know tomorrow...

Natsuki eventually got fed up with her pacing and sighed, walking over to her.

"Hey, hey!" Natsuki called, snapping Yuri from her thoughts.

Yuri froze and stared at her wife, blushing softly.

"Yuri, gorgeous... You need to calm down..." Natsuki said gently, cupping her cheeks as she rubbed them with her thumbs.

Yuri smiled and nodded, taking a deep breath.

"You've been pacing, like, all week. Is it really bothering you this much, hun?" Natsuki asked worriedly.

Yuri kissed her forehead and nodded in response.

"I'm sorry, beautiful... I'm just... Really nervous..." Yuri admitted.

Natsuki hugged her close, blushing as she sighed.

"Dummy... When you worry, I worry..." She muttered.

Yuri chuckled and hugged her back just as tightly, breathing her sweet honey scent.

"I'm sorry... It won't happen again..." Yuri said softly.

"It better not... J-Jerk..." Natsuki scoffed and blushed deeper, nuzzling her face against Yuri's chest.

Yuri grinned and laughed softly, patting her head.


Sayori was more energetic than usual that same afternoon, barely able to contain herself as she hopped around the hospital even faster than usual.

"What's got Speedy Sayori goin' so hard today?" A nurse asked with a giggle.

"Her friends might be having a baby soon." A doctor answered as they watched the bubbly nurse race from room to room.

I'm gonna be an aunt. I'm gonna be an aunt. I'm gonna be an aunt!

Sayori's mind was very one-tracked all week, the same thought replaying through almost everything she did.

"Yo, Sayori! Watch out!" A male nurse warned as the woman raced around him and a man in a wheelchair.

"Sorry, Ed!" she called over her shoulder with a grin.

"She's got too much energy for a day shifter." The doctor snickered.

"I know, right?" The nurse grinned and rolled her eyes.

Suddenly there was a crash heard as all heads on the floor turned to the cause.

Sayori was clinging to the walls by her hands and feet, a large mess of towels and such below her from a knocked over cart.

"Eheheh... Sorry!" She called, jumping down a few feet from the mess.

"Maaaaybe we should give her a few days off..?" The nurse giggled.

"She has more combined hours than any of us, so sure. I'll talk to her supervisor." The doctor chuckled.


"Hello, Mrs. Owens!" Amelia said cheerfully.

"Hello, Doctor von Warner..." Natsuki said hesitantly.

Yuri perked up and rushed over to listen in.

"So results came back today... Would you like me to tell you now? Or would you rather hear them in person?" Amelia asked with a hum.

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