Finding Mr. Right

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Chapter 21

Natsuki gazed at the business card uneasily, biting her lip.

Yuri walked over and kissed her temple.

"Yuri do we have to go to a place like this? Guys literally just jerk off into cups." Natsuki whined in disgust.

"If I could, I'd just give you a baby myself. But I think we both know that's impossible. So yes, we have to." Yuri giggled as Natsuki's face went bright red.

Natsuki squeaked and slapped her forearm, huffing.

"Geez! Don't say it like that!" Natsuki said.

Yuri rubbed the slap mark and grinned.

"Okay okay, but you know what I meant." Yuri sighed in defeat, giggling.

"Yeah... I know..." Natsuki sighed and rolled her eyes, blushing lightly.

"Are you ready to go?" Yuri asked softly as she grabbed her black and purple helmet.

"Yeah." Natsuki nodded, grabbing her own pink one as they walked to the bike.

Yuri sat down in the sidecar as Natsuki revved it up, clutching the sides for dear life.

Natsuki giggled at her lover's actions and sped towards the address on the card.

"Ready?" Yuri smiled, grabbing her hand and smiling softly.

Natsuki nodded and they walked into the building to the front desk.

"Oh! How can I help you ladies today?" The receptionist asked.

"We were recommended by Dr. von Warner?" Natsuki spoke up softly.

"Oh, right! The Owens! So if you'll wait a moment until I can catalog a few things, I'll help you with anything you may need." The woman said kindly.

"If you wanna make a baby, just follow me to my car!" A man leered, his face reddened and his hair greasy.

"Wade I've told you three times today! If you're on narcotics, hallucinogens, or have any alcohol in your system, you can't donate! Please leave already!" The receptionist groaned.

"Or what? You can't kick me out, lady. I'm not violating anything, so you can't touch me!" He laughed mockingly.

"I bet an officer of the law could 'touch' you, though." Natsuki smirked, flashing her badge since she was technically on duty.

Wade's eyes widened as he flinched, rising to his feet.

"Damn police!" He shouted, flashing both of his middle fingers before storming out the door.

"Oh my- Thank god. I've been wanting him to leave since we opened." The woman sighed in relief.

"No problem." Natsuki chuckled.

A few men soon left, their heads low the entire time in the presence of women in their "place of work".

"Okay so I can't give anything that our clients haven't specified... However, we do have the basics for almost all of the donors here." The woman pulled out a tablet with pages of information open.

"So you can just sit down with this and find a few you'd like, and I can help from there. Or if you don't find any today you're welcome to come back another time!" She explained.

The couple nodded and sat in the corner of the room, both peering over the device as their eyes scanned over the information.

"Hey, check this guy out! M. Lewis. Sound familiar?" Natsuki said, pointing to the name in question.

"Italian-French origin, AB positive, green eyes, brunette hair... Is this Monty?!" Yuri asked, her jaw dropping.

"Wait till Nik hears he's in town!" Natsuki pulled out her cellphone.

"How do you know that he's in town?" Yuri asked.

Natsuki pointed to a line stating his last donation, three days prior.

She sent a quick text to Monika about the situation before continuing their search.

"We never discussed any specifics, did we?" Yuri spoke after a few minutes.

"I guess not... Anything in mind?" Natsuki asked.

"Well... I suppose what I find most important would be blood type or medical history." Yuri shrugged.

"I think he should have purple hair." Natsuki said bluntly.

"Why purple?" Yuri asked, tilting her head.

"So... So the b-baby will look a bit like you..." Natsuki admitted softly, blushing as she looked away.

Yuri grabbed her chin, kissing her sweetly.

"That's adorable." Yuri whispered with a smirk as Natsuki's blush noticeably deepened.

"S-Shush!" Natsuki returned her gaze to the screen, scrolling through to find the information wanted.

She found a few men that fit and gave them seperate tabs for Yuri to inspect.

"This guy looks pretty good." Yuri commented, pointing to one of the first Natsuki had pointed out.

Natsuki hummed in agreement, nodding.

"He isn't very high in demand, either.. Maybe his sperm will cost a bit less?" Yuri shrugged.

"Maybe." Natsuki agreed monotonously.

"So is he the one we want?" Natsuki asked.

"Yeah. I think so." Yuri smiled, kissing her forehead.

They finished and handed the tablet back, telling the woman who they wanted as their donor.

They rode home and immediately sat on the couch, letting the day sink in.

"So it looks like there's no turning back now, huh?" Natsuki said breathlessly.

"Guess not." Yuri agreed, taking Natsuki's hand in her own.

Natsuki smiled, squeezing the hand as she scooted closer to her.

Yuri wrapped her arms around her lover, holding her in her embrace.

"You're gonna be a mom..." Yuri whispered with a soft smile.

"You will too, silly..." Natsuki looked up at her with twinkling eyes.

Yuri kissed her and giggled, blushing softly.

"Yeah... We're going to be mothers..." Yuri corrected with a grin.

"Mothers... I like the sound of that..." Natsuki hummed, burying her face into the crook of Yuri's neck.

Yuri's heart fluttered, rubbing Natsuki's back gently.

"Me too... You're going to be an outstanding mother..." Yuri whispered.

"And you'll be an amazing mama..." Natsuki blushed at her own words.

Yuri grinned at her words and hugged Natsuki even tighter, nuzzling her face into the pinkette's hair.

"I love you...." Yuri sighed.

"I love you, too.." Natsuki smiled, hugging back just as tight as she relaxed in her wife's embrace.


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