Marcus' Crush

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Chapter 9

(I feel like there's been so much of Jessica {even though I said this was mainly Natsuri XD} so I thought I'd throw Marcus in here while I'm at it before going back to the main plot {Whatever that is lmao})

Marcus limped out of his mom's car as the woman handed him his crutch.

"Thanks, Mom!" Marcus said as Monika wove and drove off.

"Mark!" a familiar voice called out to him.

"Hey, Victoria- Vex! I meant Vex! Gosh, I'm sorry!" Marcus quickly apologised, twirling his hair nervously.

"Don't be. I know, it's a recent change." Vex rubbed his neck sheepishly.

"Yeah... How'd your parents take it?" Marcus wondered.

"Better than I thought. They still don't like trans people, but at least they haven't said anything about it to my face." Vex shrugged.

"That's good, at least." Marcus shrugged and smiled softly.

"Yeah... Anyway, I missed you! It's so boring when you're not around." Vex nudged his shoulder.

Marcus grinned, blushing softly.

"Really?" he asked sheepishly.

"Yeah. Plus... The homework was too hard without your help..." Vex admitted, scratching his neck.

"I knew that's what it was." Marcus chuckled, shaking his head.

"Hey! I only need help with history..." Vex pouted.

"Why? That's the easiest class we have!" Marcus laughed.

"Exactly! It's so boring I can never pay attention and fall asleep!" Vex groaned.

The bell sounded, signalling the start of their classes as the pair rushed towards their first periods.


Marcus perked his head up at the sound of Vex's laughter from across the cafeteria.

Glancing over, he saw Vex and the other swim team members tossing grapes into each other's mouths.

Marcus smiled and blushed softly, resting his chin atop his arms.

"Whatcha looking at?" a kid at his table asked.

"Nothing!" Marcus straightened, blushing deeper.


"Hey." Vex said as he leaned against Marcus' locker once the boy shut it.

"H-Hi." Marcus greeted.

"You seem a bit off. Having trouble readjusting after missing two weeks?" Vex tilted his head, his black hair covering his eyes.

"I'm fine." Marcus shook his head.

"How's your leg holding up? Does it hurt to walk on at all?" Vex asked.

Marcus shook his head again, shifting on his crutch.

"Really, I'm fine." Marcus assured him.

Vex nodded, smiling softly.

"Okay. I'll believe you." Vex said, "This time."

Marcus chuckled, nudging him playfully.

"Ugh I hate my last period. Do I have to go?" Vex whined.

"If you don't, you'll get detention." Marcus raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah yeah... But isn't it worth it?" Vex smirked.

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