Rest and Relaxation

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Chapter 29

Monika grunted as she woke up to find Sayori had fallen asleep atop her.

"Sayo... I have to use the restroom...." Monika slurred.

"Well then take me with you, because I'm not letting go of you." Sayori muttered against her neck, snuggling closer.

Monika let out a whine and obliged, moving an arm behind Sayori's head and under her knees.

"I just got out of a six hour surgery, ya know..." Monika rolled her eyes playfully.

"Don't remind me... That was absolutely the most terrifying thing that has ever happened in my life." Sayori said dramatically, though she meant every word.

Monika sighed and nodded in agreement, leaning in to kiss her wife.

"How are your scars...?" Sayori asked softly, her fingers hovering above the fading pinkish-red burn mark on her face.

"Better.. They don't hurt unless I touch them too much." Monika said, grabbing Sayori's wrist.

She pressed the hand against her cheek, smiling down at Sayori as the other woman blushed softly and bit her lip.

"So, you wanna wait here or are you coming to the bathroom with me?" Monika chuckled.

Sayori blushed a bit deeper as her eyes widened.

"I-I uh... I'll wait here..." She giggled nervously.

Monika grinned and kissed her forehead, looking into Sayori's eyes.

"I'll be back, then." She said softly.

"Okay!" Sayori nodded, standing a bit away from the door.

As the door latched, Sayori let out a whine and buried her beet red face in her hands.

Why did I make her carry me to the bathroom?! Stupid tired gay mind!

Monika chuckled to herself as she leaned against the wall beside the door, shaking her head slowly.

"She's so cute... Even when she doesn't mean to be..." She muttered to herself.


Natsuki groaned as the twins shook her awake, only faintly hearing their calling out to her.

"Mommy!" Naomi whined, shaking Natsuki's shoulder.

"Wake up time!" Winter grunted, pouting as she lightly smacked the woman's forehead with her small, slender hand repeatedly.

"Girls! Mommy needs rest!" Yuri scolded as she came into the room to see her wife.

"Mama! Mommy won't wake up! She's dead!" Naomi started crying.

"Wait, Mommy's dead?!" Winter gasped, her eyes widening in fear.

"Mmmn... I'm not dead..." Natsuki sighed as she sat up with a groan.

"Oh thank goshes! Mommy's alive!" Naomi cheered, hugging Winter close.

Winter sighed in relief, pressing her little palm to her forehead.

Yuri chuckled and sighed, kneeling down between the two little girls.

"Girls, didn't Mommy and I tell you that she has a big owie now? She got a part of her taken out, so she'll be a bit sore for a while." Yuri explained, rubbing their backs as she smiled between them.

"She gave Ant Monukah a livver!" Naomi said matter-of-factly.

Winter nodded firmly in agreement as Natsuki smirked from her bed.

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