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Chapter 17

Yuri jumped when the door finally opened to reveal her wife.

"Woah. You okay, Yuri? You seem a bit jumpy today." Natsuki giggled as she hung her helmet and belt by the door.

Yuri gulped and rubbed her arm nervously.

"Hey... Is something wrong?" Natsuki came over and cupped her cheeks, looking into her eyes.

Yuri shook her head and sighed.

"I have some news... I'm just not sure how you'll react.." Yuri said softly.

Natsuki gave her a quick kiss, smiling up at her.

"Just tell me, okay?" Natsuki encouraged.

"I got a call today from.. A fertility doctor. She has an entire week saved for us if we say yes... She wants to see if she can help us... Have a baby..." Yuri explained softly.

Natsuki's eyes widened, her heart skipping a beat.

"A... F-Fertility doctor...? Like... The ones that help you have babies? One actually called about us?!" Natsuki asked in disbelief.

Yuri nodded, brushing hair behind Natsuki's ear.

Natsuki hugged her wife tightly, her heart racing in sync with Yuri's worried one.

"Wow..." Natsuki whispered.

"I-I know this is all sudden, b-but you've just always talked or thought about having a baby and-" Natsuki cut her off with a passionate kiss that Yuri gladly returned.

"This is amazing... This is so amazing! Oh my god!" Natsuki beamed, grinning widely at her.

Yuri smiled softly at her wife's joy, feeling her own heart flutter at the sight.

"So... I take it this means you wanna give it a shot..?" Yuri asked with a loving smile.

"Fuck yeah! Let's do it!" Natsuki said, feeling nothing but excitement and love.

"I mean, Yuri. This is a baby we're talking about! Bringing fucking life into the world!" Natsuki's eyes lit up as she spoke.

"Okay.. Should I c-call her back?" Yuri asked breathlessly.

We're actually doing this... Woah...

"Yes! Yeah! Of course!" Natsuki was bouncing on her heels.

Yuri nodded and fumbled a bit for her phone, her hands shaking as she nervously clicked on the number of the kind doctor.

"You've reached Dr. von Warner's office, Amelia von Warner speaking!" The cheerful woman answered as sounds of clicking could be heard from her keyboard.

"This is Yuri Owens? We spoke earlier today?" Yuri said nervously as Natsuki reached out and grasped her free hand tightly in her own.

"Oh yeah! Have you discussed things with your wife? I'm sorry again if it seems like a rush..." Amelia chuckled weakly from the other end.

"Yes, we've discussed it..." Yuri said slowly.

"Fan-tastic. So how'd it go, what did she say?" Amelia asked like a teen searching for gossip.

"We've decided to take you up on the offer." Yuri stated boldly as Natsuki nodded at her with a smile.

"Eeek! Excuse my excitement but I rarely get to deal with lesbian couples so I find it so fun when I get your type of case..." Amelia said in a bubbly tone.

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