A diner and a beach house

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-Evelynn POV-

It has been six hours since our leader left to take a serious vacation, and honestly, it is the most relaxing time I've had in awhile. Something curious considering that she takes most of the work for herself, yet, this feels like I can finally rest for a moment.

Akali: Isn't it weird? Knowing that Ahri - the one that takes most of the hard work in our careers - is taking a rest leaves me oddly relieved.

Kai'sa: I know what you mean, I don't totally understand it thought.

We were relaxing on the sofas in the living room, and... we didn't have anything to do actually. The record company decided that since Ahri is taking a rest, we might as well take one too. They said that it would have been the same no matter which one of us were to take a rest like that, since we can't work properly without being together.

As for them, they needed to take a rest from K/DA too. This doesn't mean that our fame is starting to fade, we still are at the top amongst most of the music industry. But that was the thing. Being on top for so long means an insane amount of work. Popularity translates into writing more songs, preparing more choreographies, designing more visuals and attire, advertisement, events and so on.

Me: Well, it feels good that we are finally able to take a little break.

Kai'sa: Yeah, it has been a crazy week.

Akali: Week? It has been an incredibly hectic month!

I watched the two enjoying their leisure time. I have to say, this is a moment we earned. I just hope she's enjoying this time as much as she has to. But I guess I can only trust that (Y/N) will help her do so.


-Ahri POV-

(Y/N) and I finally found a place to eat. It was a fairly common place, but it still looked good enough for us to go inside. We walked to the door after parking the bike. While he entered the place without much hesitation, I gave a quick look to the name on the top of the entrance door.

The Salt and Pepper Diner. Doesn't sound bad; it gives the vibe of a familiar restaurant, the kind of place that you would visit to eat with your family. Maybe one day I will come to this kind of place with my future husband.

Just imagining me entering with two kids... a pair of beautiful twins, hugging my husband's arm. Will I ever reach that point? I wonder...

Would my relationship with Adam make it that far? Or maybe...

My sight stopped on (Y/N), standing inside the restaurant, holding the door open for me. Would he end up falling for me? How far will our relationship go? M-maybe we will become more important to each other on this little trip, or...

(Y/N): Are you going to stand there all day or what?

Me: S-sorry, got lost in my thoughts.

I entered the place and looked around, there weren't many people. Less than 20, that's for sure. The decorations seemed simple, like the typical restaurant of a movie, though it gave the vibe of being stuck in the 80's.

We walked to a free table in the left corner, then I noticed something interesting close to us.

Me: A jukebox? You don't see a lot of those these days.

(Y/N): Huh? Oh wow, I wonder what songs it has.

We walked close to the jukebox and saw the repertoire of songs, until one called my attention and a mischievous idea came to my mind.

Me: Hey (Y/N), this thing says it's three plays for a dollar.

(Y/N): Yeah, so what? Are you going to put a song on?

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