The contract

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-(Y/N) POV-

I woke up in my bed, seriously tired for what happened yesterday, I never thought a simple concert would end on such a crazy situation. I checked the clock and saw that it was 6 am.

Me: Well, I don't know when she is going to come here but I don't think she'll be this early, I might as well start with the routine.

With that said I dressed up, a simple shirt and some shorts. I then directed myself to the kitchen and took a bottle of water, now with everything ready I walked to the door and went out of the apartment. I lived in the second floor of the building, the area was quiet and peaceful almost always, just the occasional party in some houses around.

And like that I started my morning workout like every day, running to the park of the city. The routine of every morning is running 10 miles to the park like a warm-up, then I do 5 laps to the entire park at max speed, and there is the important part, I try to beat my last time every single day.

However, I like to think that I have a great physical condition, but well, I never try to show off about it, even if a single lap in the park means 15 miles. But whatever.


I returned to my apartment after finishing my workout routine, it took me 2 hours only, I have done this so many times that I know perfectly the position of every single stone in the park.

But the great surprise of the day I saw a seriously expensive car parking in front of the apartment building.

Me: I imagine she arrived.

As I made my way to the building, I saw some fluffy tails swinging out of the hallway in front of the apartment's entrances.

Me: There she is.

I walked up to the second floor and saw the nine tailed fox waiting outside of my apartment, I stood there dumbfounded for her beauty honestly, she was using more casual clothes, a simple white blouse with a black hoodie over it, her ears were still visible though; she also was wearing a pair of blue shorts with black stockings below, alongside with some brown boots. I also noticed that her hair was black today, with all that it was a little hard to recognize her if you see her from afar, but her tails gave it away, even if they have fur instead of being made of crystal like they usually are in her concerts. I walked closer to her and went directly towards the entrance to my apartment and opened the door like usual.

Ahri: You could at least say "hi"

Me: Good morning, I didn't expect you to be this early.

Ahri: I woke up 3 hours ago, I had an interview at 6 am.

Me: Just you?

Ahri: Yes, the others were very tired for all the work we had to do this week.

I gave her a concerned face as I walked inside my apartment.

Me: Give me a moment, I need to clean some things here and there, it won't take long.


-Ahri POV-

I stood out of the apartment for at least five minutes waiting for (Y/N) to come out, I was surprised when I found out that he wasn't in his apartment, I have been waiting for him for half an hour already; and maybe I should have used another car, I think this one may call some unnecessary attention.

(Y/N): You can enter now!

I was cut off my thoughts by him calling for me. I entered the apartment and saw a well-ordered place, I feel surprised to be honest, I was expecting a total disorder, I mean, not as bad as the one we had back in home, but still the normal for a university student. He noticed me looking everywhere and called back my attention.

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