The first concert

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Today was another day like every other, I was going out of my last class, luckily the teacher didn't give us any homework, I took care of the homework from other classes during my free time between them too. All for one reason...

Iris: Come on (Y/N)! we only have an hour before the event!

Me: I know, I know. What I don't know is how I let you convince me of this.

She kept pulling my arm while she was almost running, we didn't take much time to reach the front of the university and find my car, she was almost jumping out of excitement, I kind of regret winning those tickets for the concert of that group.

I gave Iris my backpack and opened her door, she entered in an instant and threw both my and her backpack to the back of the car without any care. I then walked to the driver door and entered the car.

Iris: Come on!

Me: Aren't you a little too excited for this?

She looked at me like I was saying something ridiculous.

Iris: You got VIP seats, we are going to see K/DA perform at just 5 meters away from us, don't tell me you are not excited about it.

Me: Well, not as much as you, that's for sure. I like their music but I'm not their greatest fan, I kind of feel bad for the fans that didn't get these tickets, I mean, someone could enjoy them more than me.

Iris: Yeah! Me!

Me: That's why I invited you.

She giggled clearly overflowing with happiness, I guess is not that bad if I'm able to see a friend smile like that, besides, I like their music, so I guess I would be able to enjoy this.

I originally planned on give Iris both tickets and let her invite any other person, but she insisted in me going with her because in her words "It would be a waste to not use for myself the prize that I won" In a sense, she is right, I won these tickets, even if it wasn't intentional.

My favorite cookies had a little promotion. Inside one pack of cookies between the several thousand around the city there was a neon badge, whoever found that would have two VIP tickets for the next concert of K/DA. Well, I was the lucky one, it remembers me to that movie about a chocolate factory and golden tickets.

It felt like a movie since it was literally the last package of cookies inside the store, when I paid and opened the package the badge just fell to the ground. Literally everyone in the store stopped and looked at me while I grabbed it from the ground.

I'll never forget the reaction of Iris when I showed her the badge, she completely freaked out back there. That was yesterday when the classes ended by the way, so yes, I found the prized package just one freaking day before the contest reached its end. I got tired for all the steps I had to do to recieve the tickets.

I honestly don't know how to feel about it, I guess I'm just going to enjoy the concert and forget about studies for the weekend, thank god I finished all my homework.


-Ahri POV-

Just an hour before the concert, I'm a little nervous, but nothing I can't manage. I ended up the preparations in the stage, I was hurriedly walking to the dressing room, the others were there already preparing themselves, I was solving some details here and there, just to make sure everything is going to be okay for the concert. After all, it's not like I don't like to help the staff, after all is thanks to them that we can perform with amazing light and visual effects, they just do our music look magical.

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