I found you! Faker!

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-Evelynn POV-

We were in the living room of our house. The little game of truth or dare just finished, and we were moving on to the other game Iris had prepared for us. But I don't know, I don't think she could have something that can surpass the fun we had in the last game. I used a challenge to make (Y/N) describe his dream wedding, and it was stupidly romantic. The guy is almost a girl in a man's body.

Anyway, Iris was about to take the board game from her backpack. She stopped a second after looking inside it.

Iris: Guys... Don't be mad at me, but...

(Y/N): What did you do?

Ahri: You brought the wrong game?

Iris: I forgot the game at my apartment.

Akali: Should we continue the truth or dare then?

Kai'sa: I don't think (Y/N) would like to keep it going, he has suffered enough.

(Y/N): What's wrong with being romantic?

Ahri: Nothing... for girls like us.

Iris: We can leave the bullying for later, now I have to think of an idea.

(Y/N): I got one.

We all looked at him. He just shrugged and pointed to the place on the ground where the flat screen was.

(Y/N): It's some sort of video game, but it's played differently.

Ahri: How so?

(Y/N): You'll see. It's perfect if we want to know each other better.

Akali: We'll take your word for it then.

Iris: Which game is it?

(Y/N): You know it. Fakin it.

Iris: Oh... how did I not think about it before?

Kai'sa: What is the game about?

(Y/N): I'll let Iris here explain it while I prepare it.

He left towards his room after saying that, leaving us with an Iris that started to feel nervous.

How do I know? Because she stood there quietly, shivering a little while looking at us. Until Kai'sa took her out of her bubble.

Kai'sa: Are you feeling okay?

Iris: Huh? Oh! S-sorry, I-I s-spaced out f-for a m-moment.

Akali: Are you still feeling nervous?

Iris: Nooooooouuuuu... mmmmaaaaybeeeeeee... yeah, pretty much.

Me: *Sigh* Look, I know it's hard to feel calm and all that when you are in such a situation with people you used to admire but-

Iris: It's not a "used to" situation, I still admire you all. (Y/N) too, even if he's more composed about it.

Me: May I ask, why do you see us as your idols?

She was surprised by hearing the question, she even gave me a look like I was asking something ridiculous.

Iris: You three want to know too?

She said turning to the others, receiving a nod in response.

Iris: *Sigh* I think it's pretty obvious, isn't it? You four are so talented, always doing your best to keep standing proud in the music world. You have the confidence to be able to go out onto a stage and perform in front of thousands of people. While I... still hide behind my ability whenever things get hard, (Y/N) always stands up for me; I always run. I'm more confident now that in the past, but that doesn't make me brave. I can't tell you how many times (Y/N) got into a fight to defend me since high school, without using his abilities. He's usually beaten up, and all I do is hide behind him... invisible.

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