Vacation program

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-(Y/N) POV-

I woke up tired. Last night was fun and all but it was also extenuating. It has been a long time since I had so much fun around other people. I'm still not used to interacting with new people, but these four idols have something special that make me feel good around them. Don't know what it is, but it's there.

Me: Anyway, let's take my morning bath.

As I made my way to the bathroom, I could hear some noises coming from the living room, and what I thought was Ahri's voice, mumbling something.

Whatever she's doing, I'll figure it out later...


It was a mistake.

Ahri: Surprise!

She jumped from behind the couch that was facing the hallway where the rooms were. Confetti fell from the ceiling, along with a banner that said:

Ahri: Congratulations! You have been chosen for!...

She made a dramatic pause.

Ahri: Ahri's Super Special Vacation Program Of Luxury And Fun To Become Best Friends Forever And Ever That Also Helps Her To Kill Time Until Her Forced Vacations Come To An End!

How should I react to this?

Seriously, I don't know what to do.

Ahri: You might also call it by its acronym.

She prepared her throat, taking a deep breath.

Ahri: A. S. S. V. P. O. L. A. F. T. B. B. F. F. A. E. T. A. H. H. T. K. T. U. H. F. V. C. T. A. E.

Me: Why?

A facepalm was the only logic answer for me.

Ahri: The title says it all! You and I are going on a vacation to bond with each other. You know, become real friends. Just you and I, laughing and relaxing to-

Me: I completely refuse.

Ahri: An immediate response!?

Me: Yeah, I don't know where you got this stupid idea, but I'm not sugarcoating it. This is stupid, inappropriate and terribly inconvenient.

Her ears drooped, as well as her only visible tail. Her entire mood fell to the floor, giving me the most painful sad face that I've seen in my life.

Me: L-look, if we go on some sort of vacation trip together, it'll cause a lot of problems. F-for example, what did the other three say about it? And what about the cleaning of the house? I-if people see us together they might end up thinking something troublesome... won't they?

She gave me puppy eyes... she gave me puppy eyes!

That's not fair!

Me: Don't give me that look! This is emotional chantage!

Ahri: *sniff* But... It took me so much effort to think of the name. *sniff* I spent all night making the banner. *sniff*

Me: I won't fall for this...

Her eyes, it hurts my heart!

Me: I'm saving you a lot of trouble by...

Ahri: *sniff*

She's defeating me!

Me: Think about it for a sec...

Is that a tear!?


Me: I give up. I'll do what you want.

I lowered my arms and head in defeat. Her destructive power is overwhelming. Then she made a smug face and stood there with a triumphant look in her eyes...

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