Hectic night

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-(Y/N) POV-

I was currently in Ahri's car. I was honestly nervous about the current situation, I was just some minutes from taking an interview with one of the most famous idol groups in the world; I have all the rights to feel nervous.

I had both hands between my legs and I was sitting as straight as possible.

Ahri: Can I ask why you are acting like a statue?

Me: I just don't want to touch anything.

Ahri: Why?

Me: I feel like this is the car Iron Man would use. I don't want to touch a button and make it transform into a submarine or something.

Ahri: Suuuure...

Me: I'm nervous, okay?

Ahri: Ok, I mean, that's more than understandable.

Me: Thank you.

We both stayed silent for a moment until she brought up a subject that I honestly wanted to avoid.

Ahri: Hey, about our little bet...

Me: My wallet is safe, that's all I care about.

Ahri: Really? I expected you would want me to...

Me: I don't care about that, just forget about it, okay?

Ahri: Ok...

We stayed silent until we reached the building. We both exited the car and walked towards the entrance of the building. Ahri took out what I assume was a keycard and passed it through a scanner. The device rang a digital bell and the main entrance opened automatically, pretty impressive if you ask me. I know that technology is very advanced in our current age, but I always lived a simple life without too many luxuries; I'm not accustomed to seeing things like that very often.

She entered the building with me following her closely. We reached the elevator and she pressed the button.

Me: Sooooooo, what floor is it?

Ahri: The last one. We live in the penthouse.

I nodded while smiling nervously. That meant that if I'm accepted in this job, I'm going to live in a penthouse. I honestly don't know how to feel about this, it's not like I always wanted to live in one. However, the elevator finally came and we both entered. I was still a little hesitant about continuing, but I was stupid enough to sign that contract and...

Wait, I signed that contract already, can they really deny me this "job"? No, the contract said that I had to do everything they tell me to do, and that they were the ones that would decide to fire me if they want. The contract also said that I couldn't work bad on purpose, I guess that means that I have to actually try to get their approval.

Besides, I guess it's not a bad work at all. I mean, working for four beautiful women, on top of that they are four of the most desired women in the country, maybe the world. What if things start to become more intimate over time, I wouldn't mind if I end up waking with one of them at my side. What if one night we celebrate one of their concerts, and we end up drinking more than we expected, talking more and more about our problems and feelings, eventually revealing our mutual feelings and having a passionate night with each other...

Ahri: We are here.

Me: Huh?

Ahri: This is it.

I walked outside of the elevator after Ahri popped me out of my fantasies. Okay, I would be lying if I say that I don't feel attracted to these women, even more so if I said that I don't want to have sex with them. I can't let my desires control my mind! I won't fall into my own lust! I'll be the most respectable and decent man they have ever met!

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