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-Ahri POV-

(Y/N): I remember her telling me this, "I haven't done it in a long time" with a total confident look in her expression.

Me: Ahahahahahahaha! That's Akali for ya'. She usually acts all cool and confident, but she immediately turns into a stuttering mess when you take her out of her normal flow.

I kept chuckling a little while imagining Akali lying that night. Then remembered something that added more fun to the idea.

Me: Now that I remember, the day we were helping you move in with us, Evelynn asked Akali about how good you are in bed...

I took a moment to hold back my laugh.

Me: She said "He is still a beginner, but I can assure that he is something you should take seriously"

(Y/N): No way! Ahahahahahaha! I was the one that guided her all the way through!

Me: I thought so!

This is going exactly as I wanted it, (Y/N) is smiling and laughing along with me! He's having fun! I just need to keep this mood during the rest of the trip.

(Y/N): So, tell me, what is your plan for this little vacation?

Here I go.

Me: Glad you asked, let's get out of the jacuzzi for this.

(Y/N): What? Seriously? I was really enjoying this thing.

Me: We have one at home for whenever you want to use it, don't complain.

(Y/N): Fine.

We both get out of the jacuzzi, drying off ourselves and putting on the clothes we were using before, ready to spend the last hour of the flight discussing my perfect and amazing plan to make this vacation nothing but the best experience of his life.

As we walked back to the main area of the jet, I turned to see him and noticed his usual dark brown hair and eyes. Before anything else, time to take measures against public recognition.

Me: I will explain the plan, but first, let's make sure no one is going to know who we are.

(Y/N): I'm pretty sure no one is going to know who am I.

Me: Wrong! Let's say someone recognizes me, even in disguise, and record me with you. The video would go viral, and people of your campus will know that the guy with me is the powerless loser they see everyday.

(Y/N): Loser? Was that insult necessary? Anyway, I see your point. But what's your plan then?

Me: Do you know what kind of ability I have?

I know I'm making a really proud smile, I have an amazing ability after all.

(Y/N): It's some sort of magic isn't it? I saw you making an energy shield or something when I smashed the center table last saturday.

Me: Exactly! My ability is fairly common between people, mostly here in Ionia... HOWEVER!! I'M SPECIAL!!!

(Y/N): As in, mommy thinks you're special or...?

Me: Hush you! I'm special because I'm a rare type of mage! Let me explain. Do you know how the mages work in this world?

(Y/N): Kinda, I know that they can control a certain type of magic, depending on their natural compatibility with it. They can also try other types of magic and actually succeed in doing it, but it's like 100 times harder for them to do it.

Me: Correct! While our representative is a mage specialized in light magic, I'm a mage specialized in fire, crystal and emotional magic!

His eyes were wide opened!

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