More trouble

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-Evelynn POV-

After finally reaching the studio, I encountered the only thing that would raise my mood today.

Lux: Evie! I'm so glad you are here! I need your help with some details about your scenes in the music video!

Our cheerful representative was waiting for me in the entrance of the building. She looked a little anxious, but I don't blame her. Today has been terribly hard, especially without Ahri being around to take care of everything she can while not letting others get involved.

Lux: Oh, speaking of help, do you know if Ahri is busy right now? We really need her here.

Me: Sorry, our little foxy is busy with some forced vacations.

Lux: What!? What do you mean forced vacations!? We need her here!

Me: I mean what I said, you're as aware as I am that Ahri always does everything by herself, taking all the burdens and not letting us help.

Lux: I-I know b-but...

Me: No buts. She needs to take a rest, it's for her own good and you know it.

Lux: Y-yeah, there were some nights where I would end up encountering her still working in an office, doing some phone calls, or designing the attires for the next concerts and musical videos. I have never seen her sleeping.

Me: She'll be back next week.

Lux: I understand, but I don't think the producers would like the idea of their favorite money-making fox being absent.

Me: If they don't like the idea, then I'll convince them of the contrary.

I made an evil grin. Lux only answered with a little cute shiver. She may look small and helpless, even pathetic, but she is quite strong by herself. Normally she is a cute and cheerful girl, but her ability is not something to take lightly. It has the same base as Ahri's, magic, but while Ahri is specialized in fire, crystal and emotional magic, Lux has the magic of light.

It may sound simple, but she has a lot of applications for it, such as making lasers with whatever intensity she wishes for; they could go from lighting a candle to evaporating an entire car. Of course, this kind of achievement requires a ridiculous amount of energy from her. Other things she can do is to make hardened light, as well as controlling the specter of light itself. If she wants, she can take out the visual characteristics of something, like erasing a color from something, or even making it completely transparent by stealing the object's ability to reflecting light.

A powerful and useful power to say the least.

Anyway. As we both entered the conference room, I could feel the inquisitive gazes coming from everybody in the lobby. It happens every time I enter the place, everyone keeps looking at me with expressions either of fear, or lust, though the latter never last for more than a week.

I made myself a reputation of being the guardian of K/DA. If you want to get close to one of my "little sisters", then you'll have to get through me. Lux is included in that group.

Looking at Lux once more, I could notice that she was clearly upset about something. She would normally be pulling me by my arm to the working area, with a nice smile on her face. But today she was a lot quieter and calmer. Easily noticeable when we are right next to each other inside an elevator.

Me: Is there something bothering you, Lux?

Lux: Huh? Wha- me? No, don't worry.

Me: I do worry, and you know it. Come on, you can tell me. Right?

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