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It's around 8am when I arrived at the hospital. I went to the office right away only to see them waiting for me.  5 doctors for general surgeon. Sabay sabay kasi kami pag nag ro-rounds.

"Good morning, doctors." I greeted with respect. They smiled at me and greeted me also.

Ngayon ko lang napansin si Rivero. He was wearing a black fitted pants and white t-shirt under his white coat with a glasses. He has his stethoscope all over his neck.

"Coffee." Rivero then put a coffee infront of me. I had no choice but to get it.

On the other side, napansin kong nakangiti si Donny samin. This jerk keeps on smiling like as if there's an inside joke.

"Thanks." I muttered.

We started doing our rounds. In my left side, there's Donny and in my right side, there's Rivero. No wonder why people look at us.

"Is there any operation?" asking Rivero.

"I don't know yet. Maybe after this rounds, we'll know." He replied.

We started visiting our patients.

"Next time don't play basketball when you just finished eating, okay? You don't want another appendectomy." I heard Donny joking towards his patient.

Napailing nalang ako. He really knows how to talk to his patients. Ang bilis nyang magpadala ng babae kung babaero lang to'.

"What's with the look?" playful nyang tanong.

"You're scaring your patients."

"Yea, I know." I saw him licked his lower lip and then he added. "Surgery is expensive. Their parents are working twice just by the thought of operation. We don't want that." Umiling ulit ako.

"Edi ikaw na." I rolled my eyes.

"Dr. Larazabal." I heard Rivero calling me.


"Will you be my assistant?" kung maka will you naman ito para ba naman akong inaya maging jowa or kasalan.

"What's the case ba?" At pumunta na ako sa ward na he's in. I saw him checking the neck of the patient.

He put his stethoscope in his ears and started putting it in his patient's neck where carotid arteries are located.

"His carotid arteries are blocked." Anunsyo nya.

He bit his lip at napahawak ito sa buhok nya trying to do another test. I was just staring at him the whole time he was figuring things out. I saw how his hands move to the other side then he listens to the beat. He used his penlight to check for the jugular vein and the patient's eyes.

Then he looked at me at napalunok nalang ako.

He playfully smirked at me and I rolled my eyes at him causing him to bite his lower lip and smiled at me.

Amputa naman.

"Mr. Fuentes, I'll be operating on you later. I just need you to sign some consent form and I'll be doing a carotid endarterectomy." He started explaining the procedure to the patient.

Carotid Endarterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove blockage from carotid arteries, the arteries located in the neck that supply blood to the brain. Left untreated, a blocked carotid artery can lead to a stroke.

When finished lumabas na kami sa ward. Nakita kong naghihintay si Donny sakin don.

He was wearing a white polo shirt paired with a white fitted pants na may gucci belt all over it under his white coat.

Ba't ang hot nilang dalawa ngayon? I couldn't help but stare at them.

Kami lang tatlo ang bumalik sa office cause the other two decided to eat their breakfast.

The whole walk going back to the office was silent at hindi ko alam bakit. There were nurses who just greeted us at binalik lang namin sa kanila yun.

And then Donny decided to go to the cr. Naiwan nalang kaming dalawa.

"Dr. Larazabal." Rivero called me professionally.

"Yes, Dr. Rivero?" at tinignan ko siya.

"Your cranial #3 a while ago was quite impressive." then I realized it was me checking on him.

"Habit mo ata ako titigan noh?" I rolled my eyes at him.

"I also have to assess the patient. I have to look at you and the patient. Stop making it an issue. " I declared.

I just wish he'd bite my excuse.

He chuckled.

"You do know you're not that good when making an excuse. I missed you, Akilia." at napa awang yung bibig ko.

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