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How Would You Feel | Ricci Rivero by captintiamzon
How Would You Feel | Ricci Riveroby Iana
We got questions we should not ask but, How would you feel, if I told you I love you? Highest rankings as of 08/03/2018: #2 (Brent Paraiso - tag) #13 (Epistolary - tag) ...
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Endless Love (COMPLETED) by Blythe_Baby
Endless Love (COMPLETED)by Mel Rose
This is a work of fiction. A Fan Fiction of Ricci Rivero and everything on this story are solely based on my imagination and none of these happened in real life.
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Super Far (Babygirl Book 2) by patriciaaatimosa
Super Far (Babygirl Book 2)by Tricia Timosa
But I love you still, I always will. Hericane..
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Rivero's Unica Hija by ccinamoan
Rivero's Unica Hijaby 🌞
So how does it feel to be the Rivero's Unica Hija?
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Get You 2.0 by serratedromance
Get You 2.0by serratedromance
Get You Epistolary | Ricci Rivero Read GET YOU to fully understand
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6:22 am • ri. rivero by donsforhon
6:22 am • ri. riveroby kezia
in which a girl receives text messages from a stranger at 6:22 am. • a ricci rivero fanfiction highest rank: • 1 in #greenarchers
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ILYSB (Ricci Rivero Fanfic)  by riveroxxparadiseee
ILYSB (Ricci Rivero Fanfic) by riveroxxparadiseee
"Oh, my heart hurts so good I love you, babe, so bad, so bad"
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Fangirl Turns To His Girl | Ricci Rivero Fanfic by _LadyInSilence
Fangirl Turns To His Girl | Ricci...by Kakaiii
'I don't care if others will caught us. I don't care about what will they think. One thing is for sure, I don't want to lose again in the next season. But right now, I d...
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Hi, Ricci, Whatever - Ricci Rivero  by MissAesthetic_
Hi, Ricci, Whatever - Ricci Rivero by ubelle🖕
A novel about a 23 year-old maldita teacher, Anria Savhy Dela Fuente and her 27 year-old handsome driver/bodyguard, Ricci Rivero. "Damn, asshole" "Whateve...
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IMAGINATION SERIES - Ricci Rivero by MissAesthetic_
IMAGINATION SERIES - Ricci Riveroby ubelle🖕
These are all about my imagination and memes about Ricci. -missK💋
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Till Death Do Us Part (Ricci Rivero Fanfiction) by keyemdg
Till Death Do Us Part (Ricci River...by keyemdg
Skateboards. Ball cap. Bonnet. Boyish. Alexandra Morise Andrada is just a simple girl. Walang kaarte arte sa kanyang katawan, simple siya manamit at mas gusto niya ang s...
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Mutual Friends by cciriverow
Mutual Friendsby gwenchi°
An Isko and Thomasian story. [tagalog and english] started: may 27, 2019
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Letters to Ricci Rivero [Completed] by ysabellxx
Letters to Ricci Rivero [Completed]by ysabella
What are the odds that through the letters she sends Ricci, she'll get his heart in return too? /////// Highest recorded ranking in Fanfiction as of: 03/02/2018- #171 03...
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Agapi / Ricci Rivero / by ElleeeWrites
Agapi / Ricci Rivero /by — Elle
COMPLETED ‼️ Kyrielle Montalbo + Ricci Rivero fanfic [70 chapters + Special Chapter]
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When Time Comes by zashiaparaiso
When Time Comesby Franzynnn
this is a brent paraiso fanfic. keep reading and enjoy. spread goodvibes peeps!
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her reasons why  • ricci rivero [Completed] by ysabellxx
her reasons why • ricci rivero [C...by ysabella
"he doesn't even smile or recognize me when i walk past him. could he even feel anything?" Highest recorded ranking as of 06/16/2018- #286 07/17/2018- #2 (ricc...
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ilysb, ricci 2 | Ricci Rivero by ririverhoe
ilysb, ricci 2 | Ricci Riveroby ponggay riego ➶
❝no one has ever taken your place. i love you still... so bad.❞ Book 2 of 'ilysb, ricci' (epistolary)
Love In The Sun // Ricci Rivero by franceyesh_a
Love In The Sun // Ricci Riveroby yesha
Love and hate are such strong words, and they also cause so much pain. It's easy to hate someone, but it's really difficult to like them how they are, what they are, and...
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Lemonade | Ricci Rivero  by solanaarthemis_
Lemonade | Ricci Rivero by lian
She's his tall glass of Lemonade. highest ranking: 35 in Fanfiction
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Change [Ricci Rivero, Completed] by ysabellxx
Change [Ricci Rivero, Completed]by ysabella
she has her heart stoned by fate and there he goes ever so bravely, tries to snatch away the hate by giving her the love she deserves, and telling her too how lovely the...
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