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F.A.I.L. by Akonamakata
#1 Charles Tan
This is a story of me. Almost all of the events are true-to-life stories. I'm inspired to share this work because of the people who are very interested and curious about...
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The diary of a medical student by GiveMeASilentScream
The diary of a medical studentby GiveMeASilentScream
This is my actual life. Only my honest and deepest thoughts. Oh and Im probably going to tell lot's of stories from my past. If you like romantic stuff you are definetly...
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Baby Blues by livmadly
Baby Bluesby AfricanQueen
Bridget Della Mathews is on her way to becoming a preschool teacher though her mother has never been for the idea. She happens to cross paths with Kevin Conway a handsom...
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Of Medicine, People and Everything In-between.   by LadyAnneMD
Of Medicine, People and «»
I'm a medical student and everyday I see and hear so many stories I rather not forget. I decided to record some here. Places and names and whatsoever are going to be cha...
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Tips on Entering Medical School by BJTandCJT
Tips on Entering Medical Schoolby BJTandCJT
Yey!!! I finally finished my freshman year as a medical student! When I entered medical school. I really don't have any idea of how hard this would be. All I know is tha...
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insta shots by counting_happiness
insta shotsby *-*
these are my Instagram posts including pictures n having a lesson n deep thought. IG COLLECTING_BLESSING
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Life of a medical student by sAhar18
Life of a medical studentby sAhar18
Input of medical life through the eyes of a student and the growth and process it entails... I am trying out a new style of writing. Let me know what you think!! All tru...
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Just Another Autobiography by Justinial_Avalanche
Just Another Autobiographyby Kinda Like Snow
I had to write an autobiography for my med class.
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The Check Up by Dustin-the-Great
The Check Upby Dustin Morgan
Hayden Daniels. 20. Arrived to Penn State on a soccer scholarship and never looked back. Serial dater and major flirt. Brenden Carmichael. 23. Medical student in traini...
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MBBS...expect the unexpected by PheonixCharger
MBBS...expect the unexpectedby Pheonix
Being a medico is not an easy task. You should be emotionally very strong. And once you fall in love during your MBBS with a person who doesn't live you back, it's not e...
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The Mysterious Adventure Of A Nobody by Hution
The Mysterious Adventure Of A Hution
Anne Hayden is a a normal college going girl from India. She expects a lot from herself, but never keep up to the expectations- she thinks she is a total nobody. Then co...
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Lara by LaraswantiRiani
Laraby LaraswantiRiani
Lara namanya, lara hatinya. Dialah Laraswanti gadis manis 23 tahun yang saat ini sedang berusaha menyelesaiakan pendidikannya. Ayahnya bukanlah seorang yang kaya raya d...
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My Life- the pathetic pre-med student edition by Singularity_Cosmos
My Life- the pathetic pre-med Sora
At least the stuff I can share, like my deepest feelings and thoughts but not my identity or where on earth I am. Ironic, isn't it? Anyways this mIghT be me just procras...
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Passage to the Dawn by EshPeiris
Passage to the Dawnby EshPeiris
Cardiac prelude - [CCS Version] by Tearswriters
Cardiac prelude - [CCS Version]by Stefania
AU!Fanfiction, where Shaoran is a pianist with a broken heart and Sakura is a medical cardiologost. She want to saves him, he has never met someone like her before.
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A Chance by the Beach by BlueCakes12
A Chance by the Beachby bri
'I ran around to the front and knelt on the ground, lightly grabbing hold of the person's arm. He sat up quickly and rubbed his head a bit before laughing. "That's...
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Love me - Harry Styles AU by herstories96
Love me - Harry Styles AUby herstories96
Boys never looked good in her eyes. she always think that boys always caused more problem than she already have. In short she never believe in love, but what happen when...
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Gangsters Don't Cry  by MidnightDaydream18
Gangsters Don't Cry by Nightingale
Gangsters don't cry . . . . They Rant
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Your Faith Is Sealed by LykaCandelario
Your Faith Is Sealedby Lyka Candelario
The apocalypse is here. And everything you read about it slowly comes to reality. Are you better off dead? Mary wakes up to a devastated hometown with meager memories of...
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