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"Stop staring at me." Saway ko sa kanya. We are studying right now dito sa condo ko. I've never been to his condo but I'm not curious about it though.

We are studying for finals. Finally malapit na matapos yung first sem namin. Medyo mahirap din pero mas mahirap yung 2nd year.

"Ganda mo." inirapan ko siya. Yan kasi ang daming alam. Well, gotta admit that he makes me kilig but di ko nalang talaga pinapansin. I'm not yet ready. Siguro attracted ako sa kanya and I'm slowly eating the words na di ko siya type and that hindi ko siya ideal guy.

The more we're getting close to each other, the more I realize that he's beyond my ideal guy. The more I'm scared of getting attached.

"You're distracting me from answering." Sagot ko.

"Just telling the truth." Nagkibit balikat ito tas he smiled showing his perfect white teeth.

"Pag ako matalo sa bet natin." I was just scaring him but he tends to really be competitive.

"Remind me why do we have this deal again?" Ayaw nya kasi deal namin. Kasi kapag matalo siya I'll be the one to drive. It's been weeks ng last ako nag drive cause he is always the one who drives for me.

"For me to actually say that my car's not useless at all." Unti unti itong lumapit sakin at hinalikan ang tutok ng noo ko.

"I'll cook dinner today diba?" I just nodded. He's really sweet.

"What do you want? Something with soup?"

"Yea. I'm tired of all the fried food." unhealthy na ata ako these past few days andami kasi naming paper works plus finals pa. We really have to work our ass off five times or else we'll fail. 

I continued studying and when I felt thirsty pumunta ako sa kitchen pero bago ako dumiretso. I stared at my view. Rivero cooking while singing. The way his body moves kasi sumasayaw siya habang kumakanta. I'm liking this view. Naalala ko tuloy yung ex ko, Khel Corciega. He used to do this.

I shrugged my thoughts away at kumuha na ng water.

"Food is ready. Let's eat?" Naglakad kami papunta sa dining area. We prayed and started eating.

"9 areas of the abdomen?" Rivero asked.

"Andaya mo tala-"

"10 seconds, Akilia." I threw a glare at him but I answered it anyway.

"Epigastric, Umbilical, Hypogastric, l&r lumbar, l&r iliac, l&r hypochondriac." Nilagay nya yung tongue nya sa right cheek nya.

"That's my girl." I don't know but feeling ko namula ako. Fuck.

"How many quadrants, then?"

"4. Upper right & left plus lower right & left." sagot nya.

"How do you assess the abdomen?" Balik nyang tanong sakin.

"IAPP. Inspect, Auscultate, Percuss & Palpate." Akala ko tapos na yung tanong pero dinagdagan nya pa ito. He really is competitive. Dumagdag sa pagka hot nya.

"Why IAPP when other systems are following the IPPA?" I studied everything so I'm really confident.

"To avoid complications. When you palpate first you might just worsen the part where the complication is in."
"Good."  He ran down his tongue in his upper lip.

"When will you know if it's appendicitis?" He flexin his arm when he touched his hair. Ang init.

"If the tenderness is in the right lower quadrant of your abdomen."

"Where will you assess when you have renal problems?" tanong ko ulit. Not backing down.

"At the back. Lower sa ribs mo." There was no winning in this. I should've known. Both of us are competitive.

"Fine, I'll let you drive tomorrow. Just for tomorrow." He said giving up. Yay!
"You care so much for me."

"I always take good care of what I have." With that, he winked at me.

tenderness - pain
renal - kidney


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