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I was waiting for him to go out of the comfort room. We decided to clean up first our body cause ofcourse we just had surgeries on surgeries.

I was patiently waiting for him while I'm smoking in the balcony. I heard foot steps towards me. Agad ako napalingon sa kanya. He was just wearing boxer brief hawak yung pack of cigarette and a lighter.

Damn, my man's sexy af.

He stood beside me but the lighter fell kaya kinuha nya ito. I was just looking at him. Nanigas naman yung katawan ko nung hinawakan nya yung legs ko. Unti unti nya itong tinaas slowly.

My breathing became heavy.  He was just teasing me putting circles around my legs hanggang nasa thigh na ito. I bit my lip. I just don't want to let out a moan but he was just so good at it.

He touched my blossom with my undies on slowly and tempting. He was moving it up and down. 

I moaned.

He put off his cigarette at nasa harapan ko na ito ngayon.

"Tell me you want more, Akilia." His husky voice just knows how to tempt me. With that he brush his lips to mine.

Now I'm horny as fuck. I just want him tonight. So I made the move of kissing him first and with that we kissed roughly tasting the mint of the cigarette. Ang sarap.

Hiniga nya ako sa kama at unti unti niyang hinubad ang lingerie ko. Ang mga kamay nya ay tila naglalakbay sa aking katawan. Yung isang kamay nya ay nasa breast ko at hinimas nya ito habang hinahalikhalikan nya ang leeg ko.

"Fuck me. Don't leave a-ny kiss ma-ark." I stuttered.

His kisses went down and now it's in my right breast. He was sucking it like a baby while his finger is slowly rubbing my blossom with undies on pa din.

He started sucking my other nipple at kinagat nya ito making me fucking moan.

"Fuck, Rivero."

"I wanna hear you saying it again, babe." With that he went down kissing my abdomen.

He showered kisses malapit sa blossom ko. I don't know what to do. The sensation is just heavy to take in.

"You want this?" teasing me again rubbing my blossom up and down.


Now I don't have any piece of clothing. Now he's enjoying the view.

"I want to see you moan really hard." he whispered into my ear and kissed me on my lips pero yung isang kamay nya ay nasa blossom ko na rubbing it slowly.

We were kissing while he's fucking doing this in my blossom. I need to do my work too, So I started claiming what's mine with his boxer brief.

He moaned.

I know he's competitive kaya naman he slid a finger.

"Fuck you." I shouted.

"I'll fuck you later, babe." he was smirking.

"Rive-ro. Don't stop." He was finger fucking me. Yung isa naging dalawa hanggang sa naging tatlo.

"Ba-be. Shit. I wa-ant more."

I was closing my eyes feeling the sensation he is giving me. I'm so horny.

Akala ko wala ng mas masarap dito pero meron pa pala.

I felt his tongue on my blossom. A mix of hot and cold. He was licking my clitoris. What a heaven feeling.

"Ahhh. Ricc-i don't stop." He was still doing it and I'm so near to cumming but he stopped.

I knew I have to step up the game. So I turned the tables. Hiniga ko siya at unti unting hinalikan ang katawan nya from his collarbone to his abdomen. Ang sarap ng abs nito. I even licked his nipple causing him to moan.

"Now you want this?" I smiled at him. Then I ate what's mine. Slowly & surely.

"Fuck, Akilia." i heard his moan.

Music to my ears.

With his moans filling the environment. It made me do better eating him. He held my hair saying he wants more.

I know when he is about to cum kaya naman I stopped.

I saw him wanting more at kaya naman pinahiga na nya ako closing the gap between us.

"Fuck, I love you." Rivero uttered.

"The best birthday gift ever." He added.


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