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"Rivero." tawag ni Dr. Elumba, our pharmacology professor.

We're in 2nd year already and the more you add a year to it, the more you become so busy. Yung buhay nalang namin ni Rivero ay nasa condo, coffee shop, school and sometimes book store. Ganun ka hectic yung sched namin.

Good thing we're neighbors, it's either me going to his condo or siya. He didn't mind our set-up at all. Wala na kaming oras for that. Minsan nga eh kulang na ang tulog namin.

Being a doctor is not easy. You think ang daming pera but no, it's not easy money thinking about dealing people's lives. It's never easy.

"What are the advantages of oral clonidine (Catapres) (preanesthetic medication)." Dr. Elumba proceeded.

I don't know if Rivero memorized everything but alam ko yung answer dito. It's a long ass one. I can feel silence all over the place waiting for him to answer. He's always the top 1 but he never felt pressured. I don't know how he does it.

"First, it enhances intrathecal morphine plus tetracaine postoperative analgesia. Second, it decreases inhaled anesthetic requirement. Third, it decreases injected and esthetic requirement and lastly, it reduces reflex tachycardia caused by direct laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation." I saw how our professor nodded, impressed.

I am impressed, too.

That's my baby!

Without label.

Yep, we still don't have labels. I don't think it's necessary or I just took my selfishness to the top level.

A lot of girls are flirting with him. Alam ko yun kasi nakikita ko. But he never cared. He keeps telling me na ako lang. How can someone be so commited kahit walang label diba? Who can kaya it? Well, it's Rivero.

"Larazabal." agad ako tumayo.

"Acts as a competitive antagonist in both alpha1 and beta1 adrenergic receptors; has intrinsic sympathomimetic effect at beta2 adrenergic receptors:"

I was kind of nervous but I'm sure I know the answer.

"Labetalol (Trandate, Normodyne)" sagot ko.

Umupo lang ako when I saw him nodded agreeing that my answer is correct.

"Way to go, babe." Rivero complimented.

He's always my number one supporter. Tulungan kami sa lahat. I just hope he'd stay forever. If not- a little bit longer.

Our professor just continued the oral recitation. Until,

"Class dismissed." Tumayo na kaming dalawa. He was just bringing a book. He was holding it in his right hand showing his biceps cause it's kind of heavy. He was wearing his perfectly white uniform and a glasses.

He's lookin' neat.

Naglakad na kami when he rested his left hand sa hips ko. He does this always but hindi pa ako nasanay.

"Babe." getting my attention.


"I'm so tired." He never complains. Kaya agad ako napatingin sa kanya.

"Are you okay?" Umiling ito.

"I need hug and lambing from you." Says Rivero while pouting.

Such a cutie.

"Ewan ko sa'yo."

I decided to cook for dinner kasi nga nag lalambing yung isa dyan.

"What do you want to eat?" tanong ko.

"Ikaw." At hinalikan ako nito sa labi.

Damn, my man's naughty af.

"Done. I'm full." Sabi nya after akong hinalikan.

"Gago. Ano nga?" Ulit kong tanong.

"I want beef steak." Nagsimula na akong mag prepare ng food. While Rivero on the other hand I feel like he's studying.

"Babe, vasodilator which produces methemoglobin in the body." Now he's reviewing me.

"Nitroprusside sodium (Nipride)."

He's staying at the door and he just continued asking me for tomorrow's exam.

"Last. If you can answer this, you'll get something from me." Saad nya at tumango lang ako kahit hindi ko alam if nakikita nya or what. Nakatalikod kasi ako sa kanya and I'm busy with cooking.

"Adverse effects of furosemide (Lasix):" aniya

Napangiti nalang ako. I know the answer. "Gout, potassium depletion, ototoxicity."

I startled when I felt his hands wrapped my body. He's back hugging me.

He held my chin between his fingers at hinalikan ako.

"Oooh my baby's smart as fuck." deep husky voice nyang sabi.

I'm dead



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