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"Welcome to Shangri-la Boracay." saad nung babae. We recognized her presence. Finally, beach! I can now chill and think things.

We just had one room for us. But this room has 2 bedrooms. Medyo sosyal to' we also have our own pool.

"You tired?" tanong ni Rivero sakin.

I yawned and nodded tapos hinawakan ko na yung arm nya while waiting for the elevator to open.

"Ang cute ninyo." Alliah pouted.

Hindi ko alam ano trip ng kuya ko ba't andito siya. It's either he likes Alliah or he just wants to look after me. He loves beach but he is also a busy dude. I heard he was gonna operate today buti nalang he can ask for another surgeon to replace him.

"Kayo din." Nakita kong namula si Alliah with what I said. They're cute. But I just don't know if kuya considers dating the same age as mine. It's like he's also dating his sister at one point.

My parents were so happy to know that I got 2nd place. They kept telling me that I don't have to be on top as long as I pass and that I get to enjoy my life too that's okay with them already. But that's the thing they weren't expecting a lot from me and I just have to work my ass off there to at least let them see that I am not wasting any money.

"Ricci, same tayo ng room." banggit ni kuya at tumango lang si Ricci nito. Dumiretso na ito sa room at ako din ay nagpaalam na muna sa kanila. Sinabayan ako ni Alliah since same din naman kami ng room.

"Do you see yourself dating, Ricci?" bungad na tanong ni Alliah sakin. Napaisip din ako sa tanong nya.

"I don't know. But for now, I love this set up that we have. We care for each other." I saw sadness in her eyes but she composed herself right away.

"Why?" She let out a sigh.

"Ricci. He's never afraid of commitment. He don't settle for just like that kaya nga na shock ako with your set-up. It seems you really mattered to him kasi tiniis nya." Hindi ako nakapagsalita. Why am I being selfish?

"But hey, I'm sure Ricci doesn't mind that. Sleep ka na muna."

Hindi ko na kaya yung antok ko kaya nakatulog ako. Idlip lang sana but umabot ako 4pm. I slept at 11am. I'm hungry kaya I changed my outfit into red bikini and I just top it off with a thin cloth.

Paglabas ko I saw them talking about sports. Basketball to be exact.

"GSW won against HOU." Rivero stated.

"You played basketball before diba?" tanong naman ng kuya ko.

"Yea. College days nung nursing pa ako." Nakita kong tumingin siya sa gawi ko.

He opened his arms wide welcoming me into a hug kaya naman agad ako pumunta at binaon yung mukha ko sa chest nya. Ang bango nya.

"You're wearing that?" Bigla akong kinabahan. I just hope hindi siya tulad ng ex ko he hates it when I wear bikini kahit na magkasama naman kami.

I just nodded habang yinakap ko siya. He makes me calm and I'm slowly liking it.

"Okay. You can wear whatever you want when you're with me." Aniya

"Ang sweet naman." Alliah butt in which made me look at them at umalis na sa pagkayakap.

"Kuya, our parents didn't raise us to be just torpe." I saw my kuya getting a red face at tumawa nalang ako nun. Sila palang dalawa namumula.

I froze when I felt a hand at my back. Tinanggal nya yung string agad ko naman hinawakan ito.

"What the hell are you doing?" tanong ko.

"I tied it tight." I couldn't compose myself parang gusto magwala ng puso ko.

Everytime he does things -- just little things. It makes my heart so happy.

Ricci Rivero is one of my asthenia.

Everything he does makes me weak.

Asthenia - weakness

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