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The first time I saw you-- I knew I wouldn't end my school year without a girlfriend. I was so sure of making you mine. There was a lot of vacant seat that time but I chose to pick the seat beside you cause I want to be close to you. We became partners and made up all excuses just to see you. Good thing, fate made a way for the both of us-- we're neighbors. Just by the thought of you across makes me want to just make up more excuses just to see your morning, afternoon and evening face. You think I'm the one who's mysterious but the truth is I was the one who's getting more curious when it comes to you everyday cause you are the one who is mysterious.

I got to know you, I thought I wouldn't just settle for less knowing what our set up would be. But I risked. I'd rather have that set up than to have nothing at all. You made me feel like I'm the luckiest guy on earth forgetting that you might break me anytime soon. I held tight. I made you feel the love that you deserved a long time ago. Fuck, if I could just marry you right then and there, I would. That's how you made me feel.

You made me do stupid things that even I, wasn't aware of what I'm doing already. You made me so fucking down for you that when you left, I was fucking crushed. I knew that I'm not going to marry anyone. It's always you that I'm after.

Years have passed, we fulfilled our dreams but not together. I got another girl. I loved her. But not the same depth with my love for you. I decided to end things for the both of us.

We met again and this time, I was taking it slow. I want this to last so bad. We had another shot of our lost love. I made sure to take good care of this but where did I go wrong? What happened to us? Did the love we both had fade? or were we still broken and we can't just fix ourselves while we have each other's back?

We ended.

I was devastated and thought of flying to Australia. But then I saw you again. Are we really for each other or is this really the end? I hugged you. I still felt my heart going wild for you. I hope you heard its heart beats. You're a doctor and you sure know it's not normal.

Why didn't you ask me what's wrong? I guess you don't care anymore cause right after we hugged, you left.

You were standing in the baggage area. If this is the last time we'd meet, I'd love to spend it here with you. I asked a stupid question but not expecting an answer from you but you replied.

Is this for us? Tell me if it is cause I'm willing to risk my heart again even without assurance. I'd be willing to try and try again until this love would be ours.

Just please, tell me.

"Doc Rivero." then we both looked at the person who called us.

But I'm sure that call wasn't for me but the lady beside me.



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