The End

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You take your first pill

But you never though you come to this

Always making people believe,

Believe that your the happiest girl

I guess it's time to go

It's time to say goodbye

Bet a year from now,

If someone told you this

You wouldn't believe them,

Thinking there lying

You would laugh to their face

But your not

Your actually doing this

All those years you've had

There just going down the drain

With everything else

Your loosing this fight against yourself

But I know it's ending soon

That storm it's almost over

You take a whole bottle of pills

Wishing it would speed up the process

Your death is coming closer

Sitting there rethinking your life

Wondering why it happened to you

But never bothering answering it

You cry to sleep every night

Your pillows wet

But everyone still sees this happy girl

Even after all that therapy

It just didn't help

You just gave up trying

You take your second bottle

Stepping closer to your death

Walking closer to the edge

You don't regret anything now

But have you though

Of what your parent would do

How sad they would feel

There daughter/son gone

And they blame it on themselves

Every person that said no to you

They blame your death

On themselves

Have you though of that

Taking your last bottle of pills

Just walking closer to the edge

Slowly your body is feeling week

You can barely see anymore

Everything's foggy

All the tears in yours eyes

It's like Niagara Falls

Just dripping down

With one step forward

Your getting closer to you death

But all you can think of is,

That it's finally ending

As you take your last step

You start to wonder was it all worth it

But it's already too late

You've fallen down the roof

4 stories high

And while your falling

Your thinking,

Was it really worth it

But it's too late now,

Your already gone.

~Kathy Rod.

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