Entry 2

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I guess my life is a mess

It's actually always been a mess

I'm just learning that not everything is what it seems.

I love my razor, it's my best friend.

It's also the only escape that I have from this horrible world.

It's ok though because people don't really know I cut.

I'm glad because I would die if they did

It's not like I don't want to

Sure there is someone who cares about me... who am I kidding

I have no one, I'm always alone.

People try to speak to me but I just shut everyone out.

It's really stressful, but I've learned to be by myself and live with shutting people out.

Even my own family but I don't trust anyone

And when people ask if I'm ok, I always fake a smile and say I'm fine.

Now the voices in my head are getting to me, the demons are winning.

I need to go.

-Kathy Rod.

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