Entry 11

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My imagination runes wild

Of corse but no one knows

The laugh they hear

The smile they see

It's not real

Never was

I know why?

I'm broken and have been for a while

People say they care

I know they don't

You see what I want you to see

Not the real me

Because she's no longer there

All broken to tiny little pieces

No one can put back together

People say they care

They don't, they just feel pity

I don't want your pity keep it

Always asking me " Are you ok?"

But I always answer " I'm fine" with a smile

But it's just one big lie

I'm not fine

I'm closer to my death

Closer to ending this mess

Closer to just don't breathing


Closer to stop all this pain

I break more inside everyday

No matter how hard I try

I'm always crying inside

I can't take it no longer

Please don't tell me it's going to be ok

Cause in the end

I know it won't be ok

~Kathy Rod.

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