Entry 6

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I don't know what's worst

Feeling your world crumbling down on you,

Or your parents telling you how worthless you are?

You tell me but to be honest neither of them matter

I've heard the same thing every day of my life

But what does hurt is needed a sharp object against your skin

And not having it with you

Call me crazy,fake,attention whore, slut, bitch, ugly, fat, etc. what ever it is,

But I won't care I've heard it all said to me

It doesn't affect me anymore

I know that I am

But I cry every night to sleep

It wouldn't matter to you

And we both know you never cared

So why pretend now

When I'm losing this war

And I'm trying my hardest not to

All for you

But your making this harder for me

Every second,

Every minute,

Every hour,

Every day,

Your making this harder

To win this war against yourself

I thought that I could do this

But I can't

I'm trying trust me I am

But I won't be much longer

I can't hold on anymore

I'm trying to hold on as tight as I can

But I'm slowly slipping away

-Katherine Rod.


To be honest I get my inspiration from my life

This has all happened to me

It still is

And none if this is a lie

Maybe I seem as an attention whore

But I thought maybe people wouldn't judge me

So sorry if I do,

But then again I'm sorry I'm not perfect

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