Entry 1

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I guess the truth is that I have been depressed since I was probably young and just let it slip my mind until I was 11.

I knew I was different from everyone else but I wouldn't blame them.

I'm the one to blame.

My parents abuse me and my brother died in a car crash.

I was alone with my parents and even when I did nothing wrong I still would get abused but I learned how to handle it all.

I started cutting myself when I found my dad's razors in the bathroom when I was 10. I thought that they would help me with my pain, and they did.

I guess the point is that for 7 years now almost eight I have been able to cut with no problem it doesn't even bother my skin anymore.

So I'm going to leave it's not like I'm going to sleep or anything, I barely do but it's ok.

Anyways bye.

-Kathy Rod.

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