Entry 7

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Dedicated to surviving_the_fall43 because she wanted to me update and cause she cool and shit so follow

I don't care what you say

You never cared about me

So why care now?

Though you said I was a joke

I was a freak

I was delude

I was fake

I was an attention whore

You think your words don't hurt

But I have scars to prove you wrong

The only thing I want right now

Are my pills and my silent cries

I know no one will hear me

And I know it's good to try

By the time they find me

I will already be gone

To another world

Where there is peace and love

I'll be watching you from above

See how many people cared

I know you obviously won't care

I have my pills on my hand

It's time to end this

I can't take it any more

You say you care

We both know you don't

I'll never be back

Don't think it's your fault

That was never my intention

I'm sorry to say this

But not everything is about you

So I guess this is goodbye

I'll see you in another world

I always cared about you

I always loved you

But you never felt the same

And it's too late now

I'm swallowing these pills

I'm ending my life

Don't blame it on yourself

I love you to much to see you hurting

But this is good bye now

I'll miss you love

Please keep safe

I love you so much

But they are calling my name

So I have to go now my love

Please never forget me

I'll always be there with you

But I need to go now

I guess this is the end

The final chapter of my story

So goodbye now

~Kathy Rod.

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