Entry 13

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There comes a time

In everyone's life

No matter who they are

They just break

All the anger,

All the tears,

All the sorrow,

All the pain

They just let it out

They break

After all these years

Today is the day

You've had enough

Your so broken inside

You can't do it anymore

I know your best friend

But really honey?

A razor.

You don't deserve any of this

You don't deserve all there bullshit

It's going to end someday

But today's not that day

You don't have to be perfect

Because you already are perfect

There comes a time in everyone's life

That they can't take it no more





Jumping of a bridge,

Anything they can find

Just to end with their life

To end with all the pain

For once to be happy

To make everyone else happy

Because you don't feel loved

I know someone that loves you.

No, not your razor.


I can't bear to lose you.

If you go,

I'll go.

Cause in the end

I'm already broken

There is nothing left for me

Not even glue can fix me

I'm to broken

But there still is hope for you.

Just please,


Don't go.

~Kathy Rod.

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