Chapter 34.1 : Ryan

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Ryan waited for it to be a big deal

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Ryan waited for it to be a big deal. Waited for it, hoped for it, even. He found himself looking forward to some confrontation.

It never came.

He was sure Ricky had told Sean and Dave that Ryan was gay, because Ricky couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it. Yet Tuesday night passed quietly, with some of the boys deciding to play poker while Ryan did his homework at the kitchen table. And Wednesday. Thursday, too, only this Thursday Ryan and Jacky walked out of the therapy office, looked at each other, and headed into the stairwell to frantically make out for a couple of minutes. 

"I wish you were coming to my house this weekend," Jacky sighed when Ryan decided he'd better get downstairs before Darren came looking for him again.

"Me, too," said Ryan. More kissing, then Ryan really had to go.

This weekend Ryan would be staying at Lance's house. He was happy to spend some time with his best friend. There wouldn't be any pressure on him the way there was at Monica's house or even Jacky's. He'd stayed over Lance's house lots of times, usually after parties so his mom wouldn't know he'd been drinking.

That thought depressed him, since towards the end he'd been drinking a lot and knew his mom wouldn't hear him if he came home drunk.

He decided if he couldn't be with Jacky this weekend, then he could do one productive thing: come out to Lance.

He'd learned from the various websites he'd looked at was that it was easier to come out to one person alone than to a group. It made sense. If he came out to Lance, who was supposed to be his best friend, then Lance would back him up later when Ryan came out to everyone else.

He would wait for the right moment, though. Definitely not in Mrs. Turner's minivan with Lukas sitting in the front seat.

"What will you be doing for Christmas, Ryan?" she asked him.

"I'm staying with my friend Jacky," he told her.

"The whole Christmas break?"

"Oh, I don't know. I think for Christmas Eve and Christmas day."

"You should stay over for a few days over vacation," she said warmly. "That'll be fun, right, honey?"

"Yeah," Lance said.

"This other friend, he's not on the football team?" Mrs. Turner asked.

Lukas choked on a laugh.

"No, Ma," Lance said.

"And you're very good friends?" In the rearview mirror, Ryan could read the confusion on her face. She knew all of Lance's friends.

"Yes," said Ryan.

Lance gave him a look. Ryan shrugged.

"All right. You're welcome to stay with us, you know that. There's always room at our house!"

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