Chapter 30: Jacky

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They did not end up having sex

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They did not end up having sex.

They did, however, end up in the same bed, practically naked.

After the movie ended, Jacky and Ryan were still making out, and somewhere in the back of Jacky's head he heard the music looping on endless repeat and thought to himself, Wow, that's annoying. Then he'd be distracted by a new spot on Ryan's neck he hadn't tasted yet, until he heard the creaky step at the top of the stairs and hurled himself from Ryan's lap to fiddle with the remote.

"Boys? I'm going to bed now. Don't stay up too late."

"Okay, Mom!" Jacky called.

"Good night, Mrs. Jennings!" said Ryan, and Jacky wondered how he had fallen for someone so freaking nice. So he tugged Ryan down to kiss him again.

Eventually they made it up to Jacky's bedroom, and Ryan started to go into the guest room. Jacky pulled Ryan into his room and closed the door. "What do you normally wear to bed?" Jacky asked.

"Pajamas," Ryan answered slowly.

That wasn't the answer Jacky was looking for. "I mean, like, when you were at home." He swallowed nervously, hoping this wasn't a touchy subject. "In your own bed. What did you wear?"

"Oh. Just my underwear," Ryan said.

"Me, too." Jacky grinned, shifting from foot to foot.

When Ryan finally understood, he could only say, "Oh."

Jacky had reached out and tugged at the hem of Ryan's shirt. Ryan blushed as he stooped a bit to allow Jacky to drag his t-shirt over his head. The result left his hair looking like a fuzzy duckling, but Jacky was more consumed with seeing Ryan's naked torso. He hadn't realized that it was possible for someone to have abs like that. His chest was huge. Jacky wanted to touch it. He wanted to have all of that pressed up against him all night.

Excited, Jacky tried to haul up his sweatshirt, but realized halfway through that having no shirt on meant that Ryan would see his stump. Not only the stump, but all the scars, and suddenly Jacky was stuck in his sweatshirt trying to keep the t-shirt underneath on. Ryan started to help, and Jacky hissed, "I can do it myself!"

Sweatshirt off, he tugged his t-shirt down. He knew he was scowling.

"Why don't you take this off?" Ryan asked quietly, tugging at Jacky's t-shirt.

Jacky couldn't look at him.

"Hey." Ryan tugged him closer. God, all that skin. Jacky couldn't think, especially not when Ryan's big, bare arms wrapped around him. "If you're embarrassed about your arm, you don't have to be."

When Jacky didn't – couldn't – answer, Ryan pulled up the back of Jacky's shirt. The lack of arm sure made it easy for Ryan to pull it up enough to pop the neck hole over Jacky's head, even though Jacky wasn't lifting his other arm to indicate that he wanted this to be happening. He kept his face pressed against Ryan's pecs as Ryan ran his hand over skin that hadn't been touched by anyone but a doctor in two years.

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