Chapter 34.2: Jacky/Ryan

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Meanwhile, Jacky was dealing with some unwanted advances of his own

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Meanwhile, Jacky was dealing with some unwanted advances of his own.

"You have to come to the movies with me," Cody said after Jacky had answered the phone. "Please. I need you."

"Okay," Jacky said. "What movie?"

"Nina wants to see that new horror movie. The remake of that old movie, with the guy?"

"So... you want me to go see it with you before you take her, so you don't embarrass yourself by screaming?"

"No!" Cody laughed. "No, I want you to come with us."

Jacky grimaced. "You want me there as a third wheel?"

"You wouldn't be a third wheel, exactly."

When Cody finally explained himself, Jacky agreed to go, and that was how he ended up on what was essentially a date with Haylee Hansen.

"You owe me," Jacky hissed while they waited in line for popcorn. "You somehow get asked out by two girls and you want your gay friend to take the hit?"

"I know, I'll owe you forever."

Nina sat on one end, Jacky on the other, with Haylee between him and Cody. Jacky, figuring that he'd be more of a fourth wheel than a third wheel, settled back to eat his popcorn. But Haylee turned to him. "I love horror movies," she said.


"Surprised?" Haylee said. She reached over and snagged some popcorn, which made their shoulders come into contact.

"A little, I guess."

Haylee glanced over her shoulder. Cody and Nina were looking at something on Cody's phone and laughing, their heads touching. Haylee's hair whipped Jacky in the face as she turned back to him. "Oh, yeah. I watch horror movies all the time. The gorier, the better."

"Oh. Cool."

"What's your favorite scary movie?" she asked. "Ha ha, get it? It's a reference to Scream."

"I haven't seen that one," Jacky said.

"Whaaat? You'll have to come over sometime and watch it with me. I have the whole trilogy." The lights dimmed for the previews, and Haylee settled back in her seat, but not before she looped her arm through his elbow. "So? What's your favorite horror movie?"

"Um, Silent Hill," he said.

"Seriously? You think that's better than The Exorcist? The Shining? The Omen? What about Friday the 13th? Or Nightmare on Elm Street?"

"I don't really watch a lot of horror movies," Jacky said.

Haylee snuggled up to him after another sideways glance. "Well, we'll have to fix that, won't we?"

Jacky didn't really think that was necessary. He was more concerned about how he could continue to eat his popcorn with his arm trapped. He decided to go for it. Luckily, Haylee realized the problem and loosened her grip.

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