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-Hana was a great asset to BigHit from the jump
-which is why they didn't remove her as a trainee when Bang Pd moved out all female trainees
-has a playlist on Spotify (Hana's playlist)
[go check it out I just made it for this story lmao]
-has experienced anxiety and depression before but has overcome it and is long past it
-really good at drawing and painting
-this chick loves fruit and can and would live off of it if she could
-is really good at hiding her emotions
-but when she is angry or disgusted you can see it all on her face
-her and Jimin are the most scary when they are angry
-has naturally wavy hair
-because she is kooks noona she baby's him and defends him in everything
-is a pretty touchy gal (hand holding, hugs)
-helped write and produce: Paradise, Love Maze, Rain, Dead Leaves, Love is Not over, pied piper, 2!3! And MORE (damn sis talented much?)
-also helped jungkook in writing and producing Magic Shop for Army's
-likes to buy box lunches for army's that attend Inkigayo and have to wait outside
-didn't get too much hate for being an only girl when she first debuted
-friends with :Blackpink Jennie, Mamamoo Hwasa&Solar, Red Velvet Irene&Joy, CL, Jessi and more (a whole social butterfly)
-knows Suga's password to his studio
-very selfless
-knows how to cook
-members tend to bother her and ask her what songs she listens to cause sis got good taste
-Likes to dress casually, but can pull off many styles (from street style, professional, dressy you name it sis can do it)
-very open minded, not judgmental
-has a notebook for sketches and lyrics and even where she writes her thoughts but it's very personal
-members know that he journal is off limits
-works out with Jungkook
-has her drivers license
So that's all I can come up with for now as the story goes on you'll be able to see how Hana's personality is and her likes and dislikes

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