Chapter 4

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Apologies for taking so long to update. Things just came up out of the blue. But with that said show on the road. 

3rd Person POV

Y/N, Haruhiko, Mai and Reina stood outside a restaurant in their uniforms. They then proceeded inside and took their seats.

Reina : My name is Reina Izumi. As payment for dealing with a phantom we got coupon for an all you can eat restaurant. So I'm here with my clubmates for dinner. 

As those thoughts ran through her mind she was eating at a monumental rate leaving at least a hundred plates her wake. This attracted the attention of everyone in the restaurant and leaving the owner with a depressed look on his face. 

Reina : Oh! I'm in Heaven!

Mai : Really?

Ruru : I've never someone eat as much as you do. Where do you put all of it?

This was a good question given that despite eating sll that food she still maintained her adorable and slim figure. 

Reina : *Looks down and rubs stomach* I dont know, I've always been able to eat like this. 

Just then a waiter was trying his best to stealthily walk past the table our group of friends sat at but was still seen despite his best efforts. Reina then proceeded to order some more food while blocking out her friends conversation. 

Y/N : Maybe since she's a phantom eater she has to put the phantoms somewhere. Maybe her abilities affect her physiology in some way or the other. 

Haruhiko : You think so? 

Y/N : It's a possibility. I mean since I became an archer due my abilities my eyesight has increased a hell of a lot and now I have a sense of wind direction has as well. That and my spatial awareness.  

Mai : That could be true. 

Y/N : Its just a theory, a game theory. *Takes a deep breath* We're gonna get kicked out. 

Mai and Haruhiko : Huh? 

-5 minutes later-

The four of them were standing outside the restaurant with a sad looking Reina. 

Reina : Sorry, I get a little carried away when I order for myself. 

Haruhiko : What are you sorry for you earned those tickets. 

Mai : What he said! Next time I'll do my best to keep up with you. 

Reina looked down and then back up to Mai.

Reina : You mean that you would come back here with me again?

Y/N : Hell yeah we would!

Reina : *Smiles* Thanks a lot both of you. 

Mini Timeskip

Y/N, Mai and Haruhiko said goodbye to Reina as they crossed the street to make their ways home.  Leaving Reina at the bus stop. 

Reina : I'm glad to say that these days I've been a lot happier, but since I'm having so much fun at school. That makes it that much harder to go home. 

While in her thoughts a motorcycle zoomed past her. She looked up and saw that the rider had flowing black hair similar to hers.  

Reina : Big sister!

She then looked once more to see that the rider did not have black hair. The rider was just a random passerby. 

Reina : Y/N and Haruhiko are really smart. and the told me of the phenomenon of phantoms showing up around sunset or omagatoki. I have a rare special ability for which I am called a phantom eater. Every now and then Ive been sealing phantoms when they're causing problems for people. But my parents dont take very kindly to it.

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