Chapter 5

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Hola Garden. Apologies for taking so long too update. That aside we hit 1k reads which is awesome. That aside lets get this started. 

 3rd person POV

During the dead of night. On an empty highway the agency responsible for subduing phantoms made a blockade. And at the front of the blockade was Koito who was awaiting the arrival of her target. Not long after the sound of metal grinding against the ground could be heard which was seen to be a train driving in the middle of the freeway heading straight towards her. She showed no sign of fear and stood in place and began to recite her parole. 

Koito : Breaking ,breaking ,breaking ,breaking deep into the tune of creation. Tuning in, tuning in, tuning in , tuning in I shine the light of creation. 

She started to sing and before the phantom train made contact with her. It was blocked by a barrier that she was creating with her voice. As the train pushed on Koito's barrier eventually began capture the phantom which they disappeared as if it had never existed. Once sealed Koito turned around and then began to walk away before she was met by an agent. 

Agent : Thank you for the excellent job Ms. Minase. That phantoms been terrorizing both sides of this highway for so long. Nobody can drive it or even tried. Thanks to your help-

Koito : Alright you can take over from here. *Bows then walks away*

Agent : Oh, alright. 

She walked away from the highway and made her way home. 

Timeskip brought to you by chibi Y/N singing his favorite song. 

Koito POV 

I sat in my seat in class surrounded by students talking while I wore my headphones and looked out the window. I always make it a point to keep my distance from people. And I've lived my life that way ever since my abilities surfaced 4 years ago. I've never joined a school club. I spend most of my time dealing with phantoms. I've recognized that I'm different from everyone else. 

3rd Person POV

Somewhere else on the school campus Haruhiko and Shosuke sat at a table at lunch, where Shosuke made his jealousy known. 

Shosuke : You're so lucky Haruhiko. All of your teammates a so happens to be a cute girl. 

Ruru: I'm cute too aren't I? 

Shosuke : Yeah you are even cuter than a bunny rabbit. 

Ruru was happy from the compliment and then got called over by a few of Haru's  classmates to share their desert with her. 

Haruhiko : And what about Y/N? 

Shosuke : He's one of the coolest guys in school. Good looking, strong, smart and really nice. 

Haruhiko : That's true for Y/N. But you only say that about the girls because you dont know how it really is. Mai's has a terrible temper and prone to violence. 

Shosuke : So, she's one of the prettiest girls in school. Plus there's that Koito chick and she's pretty hot too. But I'm not so sure about her. 

Haruhiko : About Koito? What do you mean by that. 

Suddenly Y/N teleported into the cafeteria with an tray in hand and sat next to Haru. 

Y/N : Word is she used to be really popular back then. But due to her standoffish nature and doesn't want to hang out with anyone. No one talks to her anymore. 

Shosuke began to speak voicing his opinion on Koito's attitude but while he was speaking Koito stood behind him. Scaring Haru and leaving Y/N to loudly say "Oh boy"

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