Chapter 3

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Hello Garden I have decided to get rid of that small sword that small sword that Y/N uses in the first chapter. You'll just stick with the bow and your teleportation. Reason being because I would forget about it from time to time. You can fight hand to hand though just not as strong as Mai. 


My name is Mai Kawakami. I'm a second year at Hosea Academy. I'm apart of the phantom hunting club. There isn't any school today but Ms. Himeno told us to head out as we have a new request. 

While I was waiting out front I heard shouting and approaching footsteps. I looked to my left to see that the source of that noise was Haruhiko and Reina. 

Reina : Mai were finally here!

Haruhiko : Sorry we had to stop at the store.

Mai : Together? When did you two get so close?

Haruhiko : It was a accident. We-

Reina : I only happened to bump into him at the convenience store. *Runs up stairs towards store*

Haruhiko : She didn't have to deny it so strongly*Walks up stairs*. 

Honestly our team, team E is kind of a joke. Sometime soon we'd like to redeem ourselves.

I looked to my left and saw a woman and three girls holding hands and it made me smile. Then my mind went to thinking. 

Mai : Where's Y/N? 

As I said that Y/N came free-falling from the top of a building and teleported next to me. He startled me so I fell back but he quickly caught me. After returning to my feet I checked him out. He sported a jean jacket black jeans and some black shoes. He looked hot.

Y/N : Sorry for being here so late. I took a wrong turn on a rooftop. 

Mai : *Giggles and blushes* Took a wrong turn at a rooftop. It's ok Haru and Rei just made it here.

Haruhiko : *Looks back* You guys comin?

We made our way up the stairs into the building and on our way in Haruhiko asked a question. 

Haruhiko : Are you ok?

Mai : Its nothing. I was just thinking back to when I was a little girl, that's all.

Reina : What were you like as a child? Were you as cool as you were now?

Mai : I was really shy and quiet. It took the slightest thing to make me cry. 

Haruhiko and Ruru : She's such a liar.

I heard them and instantly put Haru in a grab that he couldn't escape from.

Haruhiko : Okay I give! I give!

Y/N : I kinda find that hard to believe. 

Reina : Well I believe you I bet you were the sweetest, adorable child. 

Mai : I dont know about adorable but I was certainly shy. I was a wall flower. But there was this on memory. It was so long ago. It seems magical.

Y/N : I mean you had to be adorable just look at how pretty you are now. 

I blushed at his comment. 

Ruru : I think you can let him go now. 

Mai : Huh?

Y/N : *Points at Haru* You might break our nerd.

Mai : Oh sorry. *Lets go or we'll miss the train. 

3rd Person POV

While the teens made their way toward the train station. The same lilac haired girl named Kurumi who watched them fight at Hosea peaked around the corner. 

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