Chapter 1 : Age of Phantoms

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Hola Garden, Happy New Year first and foremost. Reason why I said that I'm going to write this book a lot earlier was simply because I was excited to write it. Also because I literally found one book that is a male reader x myriad colors phantom world. But that aside lets get this story on the ride.

3rd Person POV

Haruhiko was currently speaking about the history of the past of the world they he and many others resided in.

Haruhiko : The human brains cognitive ability is surprisingly fickle and easy to distract. But if our brains were to be altered in someway then the way that we perceive the world would be vastly different, like an alternate universe. In other words entities that were once thought to be imaginary can show up in our reality. Like fact and fiction.

Ruru : Like me.

Haruhiko : Ever since a large scale event that happened over ten years ago. The human brain has undergone a drastic change. Reality and fantasy became one and a myriad of phantasmal beings were released into the world. But I cant get into all of the details just yet. But these are the stories of those of us living in this age.

Haruhiko POV

As morning drew to the atmosphere I slowly started opening my eyes. I blinked once, then twice and then a third before I completely closed my eyes before my eyelids were being pried open by tiny hands.

Ruru : *Opening Haru's eyes* GRAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Haruhiko : OW OW OW OW OW OW!!!!!!!

Ruru : Get your butt out of bed Haruhiko *slams hand on clock*

Ruru is also a phantom that hangs around me she's very small and can fly she has light brown skin and has green and she is dresses similar to someone who lived in a possibly Arabic or Indian culture .I looked at the clock to see that I was late. I hurried and grabbed my uniform pants and went to brush my teeth. After I finished I left my house and was running towards the train station.

Ruru : You're so slow Haruhiko. Maybe you should put down the books and pick up a sport.

As I arrived at the station I saw the train approaching. So to catch up I increased my speed and dashed. Once I made it I hurried my way onto the train. Catching my breath my mind races if I was forgetting something.

Haruhiko : C'mon, think is there anything that your missing? I have my drawing book and my school book. Oh that's right Y/N.

I pulled out my phone and called Y/N who is practically like my brother.

3rd Person POV

Meanwhile at Hosea Academy Grounds

A girl with blonde hair was fighting a phantom that was huge in size and red in color. She launched an attack by kicking it in the head and landed on her feet once she had descended. The phantom slammed it's fist's into the ground trying to hit her but she dodge with grace and elegance. After its repeated barrage of attacks, the girl saw an opportunity to attack its hand that was left in the ground. Once she hit it a huge crater surrounded them showing the force of impact. After the hit, the phantom seemed immobilized.

Mai : I DID IT!!!! *Sees phantom moving* WAIT NO I DIDN'T


L/N Residence, Y/N's room

I was still asleep before I heard my phone going off. Since my perfect meme dream was interrupted I hurried and picked up the phone and answered.

Y/N : Yeah, what's up Haru?

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