Chapter 7

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Y/N and Haruhiko were walking to school in their new uniforms. Which were just their regular uniforms without the blazer. 

Haruhiko : *Yawns* 

Y/N : You okay man? 

Haruhiko : Yeah I'm just tired. 

Y/N : You shouldn't stay up so late so late reading. 

Haruhiko : But that's what I do. However once first term is done. *Extends arms outward* I'm gonna sleep all day. 

Ruru : Well that's a major red flag there. 

Y/N : Or you could just sleep now. 

The continued walking and eventually made it to class. 

Teacher : Sosuki's (Not sure how to spell it) I am a cat is said to be inspire by the renowned  German author E.T.A Hoffman... 

Haruhiko seemed to be dozing off but Ruru seemed to be trying to be avoiding that by pulling on his hair to wake him up. Y/N eventually got up from his seat and shook Haruhiko awake. 

Haruhiko : Look at Shosuke. He's not even awake. 

Y/N : It's not just him. Look around the class.

The trio looked around the classroom to see that all the students and even the teacher had fallen asleep and some of them were doing things cats would do. Y/N eventually woke Shosuke. 

Shosuke : *Looks out window to see sleeping students* Look at all those lazy slackers. Middle of the day and their completely passed out.

Ruru : You were napping too Shosuke!

Y/N : *Putting googly on the sleeping students* You thinking its our Circadian Rhythm all screwed up because of the rainy seasons? 

Ruru : Huh? 

Haruhiko : In simpler terms, our internal clock. Not enough sleep and not enough Vitamin d can make your bedtime crazy. 

Shosuke : Crazy bedtime huh? That's sounds kinda hot. 

Y/N shot Shosuke with a paralysis arrow and Haruhiko chopped him in the head and said. 

Haruhiko : Get your head out of the gutter. 

Timeskip brought to you by Chibi Y/N dragging a paralyzed chibi Shosuke by the feet to the cafeteria. 

Once the group had arrived at the cafeteria and went to the machine that sold meal tickets. 

Shosuke : So what are you having today. The fish looks really good. 

While Shosuke was talking, Haruhiko caught a scent and it led him to look at Mai. She noticed them and waved them over. 

Mai : Y/N hey you guys come on over!

Y/N began to walk over but noticed he'd been walking by himself. He looked back and noticed that Haru and Shosuke were intently staring at Mai's food. 

Y/N : *Sighs* Just get the damn fish. 

 As soon as they sat down at the table Mai immediately took notice of their food.

Mai : It looks like you all are having the fried fish. 

Reina : You all really are close. 

Y/N : I didn't want the fish. Those two peer pressured me into buying it.

Haruhiko : Well I just had this craving for fish. 

Reina : I know me too!

Everyone at the table went to the fish first. All except for Y/N went for the fish who wasn't really craving fish. (Fun fact I dont like fish despite it being one of the traditional foods to my culture) Instead he went for the other foods on the his tray. 

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